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The UK’s largest multi-discipline watersports festival..

The National Watersports Festival (NWF) 2014 originated from the highly successful and unique National Windsurfing Festival, which for the last 8 years has been the largest mass participation event on the national calendar. The founding principle of the NWF is to provide a fun event with great atmosphere and non-intimidating race format to ensure that any intermediate, recreational water enthusiast can participate, regardless of their ability.

This all-inclusiveness has led to a real NWF community- and interest form other action watersports. So from 2013, reborn as the National Watersports Festival, NWF is even bigger and better and will deliver all the above for Kitesurfing,Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle boarding in addition to Windsurfing.

The event is hosted on a Blue Flag Beach and for this reason dogs are banned from the beach over the festival period.

The event is sponsored by Havant Borough Council.

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Behind the scenes

Quayside Windsurfers attends NWF 2014


Quayside Windsurfers and Severneshop will be at the National Watersports [more]

Takoon Kiteboarding attends NWF 2014

Takoon Kiteboarding

A new kid on the block!  OK on the UK [more]

Simon Dawkins Interview as part of NWF Blast from the Past Pro AM Slalom

sd pic

SIMON DAWKINS Simon Dawkins topped the rankings for a decade. [more]