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RYA Team15 at National Watersports Festival (NWF) 2017

Team 15 at the National Watersports Festival Sam Ross RYA National and Zone Squad coach will be leading a team of coaches (more…)

“The pros can sail a door. It’s us REAL folk who need all the help we can get!!

“The pros can sail a door. It’s us REAL folk who need all the help we can get!!

So says Jon from Moo Custom. (more…)

FESTIVAL FOCUS – Neptune SUPS – Paddleboards & Accessories at the NWF

We are UKs best value for money SUP paddleboard makers, supplying all round SUP boards, Surf SUPboards, WindSUP, Yoga SUPs, paddles and accessories and we are delighted to be showing our range of products at the NWF, which shares our ambition to get more people on the water.

The idea behind Neptune SUPs was simple. Create a brand; make great quality SUP boards and paddles; lose the massive mark-ups; get more people on the water!

Based on the south coast of the UK (with our Showroom on South St, Eastbourne) the sea has always been a part of our lives. Coming from a Skateboarding, Surfing and Windsurfing background from way back in the day, we have seen the SUP market grow over the last few years. It amazed us at how expensive it can be, up to £3,500 for a board, £450 for a Paddle, with nothing of any quality for less. That’s what got us thinking (or opened up a can of worms, depends of which of us you speak to). So after long talks of what’s important in choosing a SUP we came down to 3 major areas:

  1. Quality of the construction
    2. Design (oh how vain we still are)
    3. Price

What came next was a mission to fulfil all the above and bring it to market!

This led us on a quest to find the best manufacturer that would work with us on making what we now have. The company that we are using have been in the game for years, making high quality surfboards and over recent years SUP boards and Paddles (and for some of the big boys too, but we can’t mention names). The quality of the construction and attention to detail has really been one of the key ingredients to our success. They are happy to work with us and help us develop new ideas (for example our “Set to your height” Paddles).

As with any new sport, change and innovation is inevitable and we want to grow with the sport and become one of the market leaders and innovators. We have proven this with the launch in the summer of 2014 of our Mach #1 Range, which was really popular, received great reviews and taught us a lot and led to our Mach #2 range. From our original range we added a WindSUP, Yoga SUP and an ISUP (inflatable SUP) to our existing range of SUPs and will never stop with our R&D. Neptune SUPs is aware that all this manufacturing does have an effect on the environment, so we have taken steps to become one of the only SUP Board makers worldwide that is Carbon Balanced.


FESTIVAL FOCUS – Fatyak Kayaks

At Fatyak we strive to produce the very best quality, sit on top kayaks, fishing kayaks, SUP’s and boards. Made in the UK, (more…)

HOVERCRAFT DEMO Axceler-8 Hovercrafts

Experience the thrill of hovercrafting with Axceler-8, who are pleased to be offering hovercraft demos at the NWF. (more…)

NWF needs your 2017 nominations!

Following on from last years NWF awards ceremony on its 10-anniversary year. (more…)

NWF – AeroSPARX Explosive Aerobatics!

At the NWF, you will be used to watching hundreds of competitors Smoke on the Water, (more…)




The Grainstore Brewery

We are pleased to announce that The Grainstore Brewery has joined the NWF rank and file as a supporting sponsor responsible for our music and parties.

History of the Brewery

Founded in 1995, The Grainstore Brewery was formed through the collaboration of two friends: Tony Davis, formally Head Brewer and Production Director of Ruddles Brewery, and Mike Davies, Managing Director of Davro Fabrications.

Tony has had over thirty years experience in the brewing industry. After graduating from the Brewing School at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, he started his career as a Junior Brewer at Charles Wells Brewery in Bedford and eventually progressed to Production Director and Head Brewer at Ruddles Brewery, based in Langham, Rutland.

Mike had an engineering and steel fabrication background, a necessary qualification considering the complicated network of pipes, tanks, valves and cooling equipment that is found in a brewery.

For several years having driven daily past the derelict Victorian railway building on his way to work, the seed was planted in Tony’s mind that it would make an ideal for a small brewery and Tap room. The old building had originally been used for storage of grain from the surrounding farms and thence its onward dispatch by rail, but after a chequered history it had been boarded up and abandoned for about ten years. The opportunity arose when Tony left Ruddles after a series of take-overs and Mike had returned from an engineering foray into France, for the dream to come to fruition.

Having received the keys in January 1995, renovation began. The asbestos roof was removed by specialists and the building re-roofed. New doors and windows, in keeping with the original building, were fitted and hundreds of years worth of whitewash and dirt were blasted off the internal walls to reveal the original stone and brickwork.

The old three storey building offered the potential of becoming and ideal traditional tower brew house with raw materials being taken to the top and finished beer emerging from the bottom, all through the natural gift of gravity. This principle was employed in the design and layout of the brewing equipment.

Following renovation of the building, sourcing, modification and positioning of the brewing plant within the top two floors, the brewery tap on the ground floor was furnished and opened its doors for business in September 1995. The 15 barrel brew house (50 x 11 gallon casks), turned out its first brew of “Cooking” two months later.

Now passed to Tony’s son William and his business partner Peter Atkinson to echo the past, the brewery continues to build on its strengths brewing traditional English Ales and supplying hundreds of free trade outlets as well as wholesalers and beer festivals nationwide.