NWF needs your 2017 nominations!

Following on from last years NWF awards ceremony on its 10-anniversary year. They are back! Designed to recognise outstanding individuals and groups in the sports we love.

But we need your nominations for candidates for our awards team to pour over and decide who’s name to put on these prestigious awards for 2017.

For 2017 there will be two sets of awards. One set to Windsurfers and one for SUP.

The categories are

  • Windsurf Coach of the year
  • Young windsurfer of the year
  • Most Inspiring windsurfer of the year
  • Windsurf Club of the year


  • Stand up Paddle Coach of the year
  • Young Stand Up Paddler of the year
  • Most Inspiring Stand Up Paddler of the year
  • Stand Up Paddle Club of the year

So if you know of someone who you think is deserving of one of these awards please email you nomination and in a few lines, why you think they deserve it.  To pete@nwfevents.co.uk. To keep it fresh and fair previous winners will be excluded.

To give you food for thought, this is the criterion we are looking for in each category.

Coach of the year

Awarded to a coach for outstanding results and achievement with excellent communication skills working with Windsurfers/Stand up paddleboarders

Young windsurfer/ SUP of the year 

Awarded to the individual with the most outstanding performance in competition from our youth and Junior Windsurfers/Stand up paddleboarders in 2017

Most Inspiring Windsurfers/Stand up paddleboarder

 of the year

Awarded to the individual that has inspired and encouraged people to take up or improve their skills in Windsurfers/Stand up paddleboarding.

Club of the year

Awarded to the UK club that has achieved outstanding performance in development and improvement of its members in the field of Windsurfers/Stand up paddleboarders

So come on get your thinking caps on and get writing your nominations for Windsurfers and Stand up paddleboarders in these categories.

pete@nwfevents.co.uk. Closing date for nominees is  21st of May 2017.



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