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“I learnt more in 10 minutes than I have done in years!” So said my Aunt, a windsurfing instructor, following a clinic with windsurf technique guru Simon Bornhoft. And if a qualified and highly experienced windsurf instructor can get so much from a session, imagine what could it do for you?

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At the NWF, you can get tuition like this for FREE… In anybody’s book, that is value for money – and last year, Simon’s clinic was so popular that the crowd wouldn’t let him finish for 45 minutes!
In case you are not familiar with Simon, here are some of his rather impressive credentials as a windsurfing coach;

• British and World Windsurfing Champion – Simon’s achievements are too numerous to list individually, but cover multiple awards across disciplines including Freestyle, Racing and Endurance.

• World Record Holder – Simon held the World Endurance Windsurfing Record for 98 hours of non-stop windsurfing. Who says you can’t get too much of a good thing?!

• Architect of R.Y.A FastFwd Coaching Model – Simon only re-designed the whole National teaching model! He founded the FastFwd system and accompanying log book, which is used by all R.Y.A (Royal Yachting Association) approved training facilities.

• Author of R.Y.A Technique Guides – Simon is the author of the R.Y.A Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfing Handbooks – and the new i-Pad versions too.

• Technique Editor for ‘Boards’ Magazine – Simon also contributes windsurfing articles to a positively international suite of magazines, including Planchemag, Surf a Vela and Polish Windsurf.

• Holistic Approach – besides WindWise, Simon advocates FitnessWise and BodyWise (fitness and body mechanics for windsurfing.)

• Over 20 Years’ Coaching Experience – and thousands of satisfied customers. That’s got to say something! Simon also has contacts with Olympic athletes and coaches, so is well placed to offer the latest best practice in coaching and fitness techniques.

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All of this might make you think “I am not worthy…”
…but most importantly, I can vouch first-hand that Simon is approachable, will help you whatever your level and makes learning fun! I went through the whole “I am not worthy…” thing before my first clinic – I couldn’t even beach start – although Simon did say that this was A Good Thing. I learnt how to do it properly from the outset, thus niftily avoiding getting into bad habits from the start!

Not getting professional tuition is where a lot of people go wrong with windsurfing. They lose interest because they are not progressing as quickly as they want. If you can get tuition at N.W.F from the best in the business and – even better than that, it’s FREE – what’s not to like?

Simon will be running coaching sessions throughout the weekend at NWF. Come along and see what Simon Says he can do for you!
Jackie Lambert
For more details of Simon’s WindWise clinics in the UK and around the world, see www.windwise.net

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