1. 1.  Curry is a dish best enjoyed AFTER a day in a wetsuit, not before…
  1. GET PROFESSIONAL TUITION – it’s by far the quickest way to improve.
  1. When you fall in – close your mouth…
  1. Learn in warm, waist deep water, it is a lot easier (and, er, warmer!)
  1. Duct tape fixes everything.
  1. Not replacing a small piece of string can mean a long swim.
  1. A windy day at work will render it impossible to concentrate.

Blog 5 Go out in Light WInds - a great way to improve copy Go out in Light Winds – a great way to improve

  1. Keep hold of your beginner board; it is invaluable as a big platform for light wind days, practising freestyle – and teaching all those mates who say “I’d love to give it a go…” but who will never get the hang on your 70L wave board!
  1. On a cold, grey day, having fluffed all your transitions, broken your kit and lost you car key in the sand, remember that windsurfing is FUN… A bad day on the water is better than a good day at the office!
  1. Even if you hate shopping, you will be on first-name terms with staff of every windsurf shop in a 50 mile radius and your disposable income will be gone on bits of carbon fibre.
  1. Take EVERYTHING to the beach. You will need whatever you leave behind.
  1. Don’t be a Force 4 snob. Time on the water, especially in light winds, is the only way to improve.

Blog 5 Keep your beginner board to practise freestyle and teach your mates! copy Keep your beginner board to practise your freestyle and teach your mates!

  1. Uphaul with your back straight, using your legs – or find a good osteopath! Better still, learn to beach-start early on.
  1. Appearing semi-naked in a windswept car-park in December will feel normal.
  1. Don’t dismiss a day on the water on the basis of the forecast. Many a classic happens when you least expect it.
  1. The fact that windsurfing is a challenge and you can’t just do it any time you want (because the wind is fickle and KNOWS when you are at work or have a long-standing engagement) is one of the reasons why windsurfing remains so compelling!
  1. The smell of damp neoprene evokes immediate pleasure.
  1. When everyone is complaining that it was a rotten summer, you will probably think it was a classic!

Blog 5 Learn in warm and shallow water, such as here in Alacatti copy Learn in shallow warm water, such as here in Alacatti

  1. You ARE progressing, even if it feels like you are stuck on the plateau. Keep a diary as proof.
  1. I had no idea that windsurfing would bring me so many outstanding days, wonderful friendships, make me move to the seaside and start a love-affair with a beautiful, blue van, which I would not trade for a Maserati!


Jackie Lambert

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