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Nik Baker to Attend

The first years Night Windsurfing winner and the most successful British professional windsurfer the one and only Nik Baker K66, will be in attendance throughout the weekend, so why not come along for a chat.

This is what Nik had to say:

“The National Windsurfing Festival has taken UK windsurfing to another level. I love the concept of a fun style racing event but with the mixture of the Pros into the event.

The first time I entered this event was to compete in the 1st ever night super-x race which was absolutely mind blowing and I have done some pretty radical things in my time but this was high up there near the top of them.

It really is amazing to be a part of such an event which caters for over 350 windsurfers of all levels in a racing environment and I must say Allan has set the standard very high but somehow keeps producing the results every year.

For myself in a new side of the windsurfing industry this is about as good as it gets to showcase our products to the masses as these guys who come to compete in this event are the perfect audience for my Brands.

Another thing I feel we seem to have missed a little of late is the general camaraderie and social side of windsurfing and this is such a great way to revitalize this again. You can count on the Baker family being present as well as my products: North, Fanatic and ION.

Nik Baker.

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