Yearly Archives: 2012

NWF Live Lounge

Check out the NWF Live Lounge 2012 Presented by Colin Whippy Dixon interviewing the event organiser Allan Cross (more…)

Missing You Already NWF 2012

I was warned that I would need painkillers for the N.W.F. Not for the aftermath of the beach (more…)

The stars of NWF 2012

Megan Kraft was just one of our young stars from this year (more…)

Curtain closes NWF 2012

The curtain closes on this years event and this is the final chapter of The National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) (more…)

Thank everyone

Just wanted to thank everyone for (more…)

That time of year again!

The National Watersports Festival (NWF) opens its doors on Hayling Island, Hampshire, this weekend. (more…)

Online entry closes in 24hrs

As it suggests the online entry will close in 24hrs time…… (more…)

3 Days to roll

Party marquee goes up today…… Priorities of course for this years National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) & National SUP Festival (NSUPF) 7-9 Sept 2012 (more…)

Updated NWF Live Streaming Locations

NWF Live Stream is an initiative to stream the live action from this years NWF & NSUPF 7-9 Sept (more…)