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It’s official! We’re in a double-dip recession. George Osborne just pronounced that “The economy is not growing as fast as we anticipated. We have to focus on things that really matter.” “Hear hear!” we say. What could matter more than windsurfing? An avenue of joy, open to all!

Lean back in your harness, bend your back leg & you will ride over the roughest chop

In this time of doom, gloom and Eurozone crisis, here at the N.W.F, we aim to bring you something at least a little bit uplifting. And here it is. A Windsurfer’s Guide to Surviving the Credit Crunch!
We windsurfers know all about boom and bust. Just ask my husband. He bust two booms last year – and one of those was unbreakable! And as we all know, The Answer to Spending Our Way Out of Recession = Windless Day + Credit Card + Andy Biggs Watersports*. As for Proffitt and Loss… nope. Those are two words which simply cannot go together!

A sound economic principle is that if an investment looks too good to be true, it is, but the N.W.F is a recession-proofed package of fun and watery brilliance. So what is the catch? I have been looking for one, but have yet to find it! Everyone who goes raves about the N.W.F and EVERYTHING to do with the festival is included in the entry fee, so there are no sneaky extras to pay.

You get; three days of entertainment; two parties; two live bands; entry to the biggest trade-show in the UK; free parking and camping for competitors; a meal on Saturday; an event rash vest and goody bag; coaching clinics with THE top technique gurus; prizes galore; new equipment demos; try-windsurfing sessions; entry to the windsurf and SUP races; the fabulous, floodlit night windsurf; Spirit FM roadshow on Saturday; W4CR charity auction on Friday… Phew! A big list like that, I need to inhale. Who do you think I am? Stephen Fry!

Still, that does seem like a lot of added value for fifty quid. Crikey, it costs me over £30 just for three days’ parking at Poole, never mind camping, tuition and entertainment all day and all of the night. Even a couple of coffees these days is over a fiver – and just think of all the fun you will have. (I realise that technically, we can’t include this as part of the return on investment, since, in the language of Accountancy, there is no word for ‘fun’.) In investment terms, though, I think a ticket to the N.W.F is what is known in the trade as a ‘No Brainer’!

Panic can lead to a painful crash

And I do believe that the financial markets could learn a thing or two from windsurfing. Windsurfing is counter-intuitive. I mean, the financial crisis would never have happened if bankers had applied a little windsurfing wisdom; “When the going gets tough: Relax! Lay back in your harness! In the teeth of a storm – sheet in HARD; bend that back leg MORE! Show confidence and you will ride smoothly over the chop and navigate the most troubled waters. It may be scary; you might feel that at any moment, you will be catapulted into the maelstrom; you might think your only option is a bail out – but hold your nerve and you might surprise yourself. Believe – and you will pull through…” And you never know; it could be the ride of your life!

In any case, this financial crisis is all so unnecessary. If the bankers responsible had been windsurfers, they would have already known – panic often leads to a painful crash!
Jackie Lambert

Online entry opens 1st June 2012 at Don’t be a snoozer – don’t be a loser. Make sure that you snap up the biggest bargain of 2012! The first 300 online entries will secure their place – and a free rash vest!

Hayling Island – a centre of SUP excellence

The fact that Hayling is an island is great for SUP. Surrounded by water paddlers have a huge choice of spots to choose. Whether you are searching for waves, flat water or open sea downwind paddling Hayling can deliver it all. The NSUPF (National SUP Festival) aims to showcase the sport and Hayling as a SUP destination.

The most accessible side of SUP is cruising. At high tide Hayling offers little nooks and crannies to explore as you drift along idly. Chichester Harbour boasts many creaks to explore and if you’re feeling adventurous then paddling over to The Witterings or towards Dell Quay is an option. On flatter days cruising comes into its own and you may even get to meet one of the many seals that live in these waters.

If you fancy a bit of challenge then paddling around the island is an option. A keen understanding of tidal flows is necessary when undertaking this as getting it wrong could mean a long old slog. If you are particular fast then it’s plausible to finish in just a few hours.

Sp Hayling 1 copy

One of the most exhilarating sides of SUP is downwind paddling. This is when you use the wind and open sea swell to push you along. Usually a board in the 14ft + range is used to get the best ‘glides’ but if you don’t have access to this equipment then an all-round board will be fine. If you do fancy attempting some downwind paddling then make sure you have taken all of the adequate safety precautions.

For those of you who are die-hard windsurfers then fear not as some paddle boards allow a rig to be attached. The NSUPF and NWF running in tandem aims to highlight the synergy between the two sports and never is it more apparent than with windSUPing. In a way windSUP is an updated form of the original windsurfing. Cruising along in light wind and generally having fun without actually planning is what windSUP is all about.

Hayling offers the opportunity on the right days for the wave heads to get their fix. The offshore sand bar at the western end of the island (Beachlands – where all the windsurfing and kitesurfing takes place) is where waves can rumble along the sand bank sometimes peeling for a considerable distance.

SUP Hayling copy copy

Image courtesy to Matt Hammond – iPik

Understanding forecasts and tides is the key to scoring a successful session here and being familiar with surfing etiquette is a must.

The NSUPF is on a mission to promote the sport of SUP and all its many forms. It also aims to showcase that Hayling Island is a great destination for paddling. With all the demo gear that will be available at this year’s NSUPF event perhaps now is the time to give SUP a go and see what all the fuss is about.

Words Tez Plavenieks

NWF & NSUPF Promo Vid 2012

Check out the new promo video and share regarding the forth coming National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) and National SUP Festival (NSUPF) 7-9 Sept 2012…. It’s going to be the best yet and yep thats right 3 days of fun, fun, fun, not one to be missed and 2 party nights, 2 live bands and DJ. Plus the awesome atmosphere of 500 liked minded fueled up enthusiasts.

The NWF philosophy is to have simple out and back master blaster type races. They are VERY simple and any windsurfer that can sail from A to B can compete. The only rule is that you must go round the bouy! It is super duper easy to enter the racing and I guarantee after your first race, you will be hooked on the NWF.

The party is epic. The only down side is that it isn’t long enough! The vibe is the one standout thing. It is incredible to see and feel the buzz of those on the beach. (I come with) a handful of mates and even a couple that have no connection with the sport. They come purely for the craic.

The whole event was a great success and several hundred competitors spent the whole weekend walking around with smiles on their faces. I cannot wait for the next one in September.

The National Windsurfing Festival is a great event to soak up the atmosphere, action and joy of windsurfing. It’s all about getting out there on the water. Whether its just having a sail or trying some very accessible fun racing right off the beach, for recreational and pro sailors, NWF is well worth putting in the diary!

“The Hayling Windsurfing Event is one of the most pro-active windsurfing events on the British Calendar. It offers windsurfers, the public, and the pro’s the opportunity to compete, spectate, and enjoy windsurfing at it’s best. The unique aspect of the event is the spectrum of windsurfers it caters for. It appeals to beginners all the way to pro’s and It caters for all windsurfers regardless of their choice discipline.

Unlike most events it is not 100% dictated by the weather, if there is no wind there is still plenty to see and watch with the latest gear and tips from the top. All in all it is a great showcase for british windsurfing and one that we are very pleased to support and be a part of.”

The former FF festival has lit a flame under recreational windsurfing. It helped revive the great spirit of the 80s where festival events such as the Round Hayling, the Fosters, and Round Mersea were geared around mass participation, personal achievement and huge camaraderie.
If anything the FF event has done it even better. The beach clinics, the trade presence and the pro demo events have ensured that wind or no wind, there’s a constant buzz. The FF event has locked onto the simple fact that windsurfers above all want to have a bit of fun.

“The event of the year !”
Come rain or shine, calm or gale, Young or old, Pro sailor or novice this event has something for everyone.
From Tips from the old masters to watching the races and dreaming about all the new kit in the trade tent or trying it off the beach.
This is why its the only event we book in the diary for the following year as we finish packing up after the weekend.
The event that happens what ever the weather !