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Night NWF VIP Party Sat 8th Sept 2012

The theme for this years NWF & NSUPF Party is on 1980’s so bet get your outfits sorted…….. Additional party tickets are on sale at

Rental Equipment at NWF

There will be a limited amount of rental equipment available at this years NWF which will be supplied by Official Test Centre (OTC). It is suggested that you book before the weekend contact details are OTC Weymouth, UK. Tel: +44 (0)121 288 9965 / +44 (0)7817 717904


There is no Glastonbury Festival this year. What to do? The last time that this happened, my brother stepped ably into the breach. He organised a 3-day rock festival in his back garden. He is not Michael Eavis, so his back garden is not a farm in Somerset – it is a modest oasis of green behind a terrace in West London.

He formed a band and scheduled a programme of entertainment based around the singular talents of his guests. This included a magic show, a jive-dancing workshop and early morning yoga, as well as what was both the inaugural gig and swansong of ‘The Latelys’. We all pitched our tents and camped in the garden next door, hopping over the dividing wall to reach the festival ground. I think this may indeed be the origin of the term ‘Party Wall?’

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You can’t have a 3-day rock festival in a back garden in suburbia without police putting in a brief guest appearance. But what self-respecting, alternative rock festival is complete without a police raid? “We really enjoyed the music and your firework display…” the officer said, politely (they had waited until the end of Saturday’s Grand Firework Finale before knocking on the door) “…but can you keep the noise down later?” I think the noise concern may have arisen from The Big Bahooma Mine, which had just blown a crater in the garden. Otherwise, the neighbours seemed to be quite enjoying the entertainment – there were shadowy figures in the upstairs windows of most surrounding homes; many had pulled up a chair, wine in hand.

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I had been volunteered as Police Liaison because I was fully sober. The reason that I had remained so until after the watershed was to perform my fire-eating act. (Booze and playing with fire just don’t mix!) The police did not seem at all fazed at being greeted by a very contrite person wearing a basque, wielding firebrands and clutching a bottle of solvent. Probably quite tame for a Saturday night in Ealing.

I am not sure that the experience of Rocked and R-Ealing could (or should!) be repeated. So, if you don’t want to get tied up with all the mud, sweat and beers involved in organising your own festival, why not think about coming to the N.W.F instead? There are headline acts – Hall, Hart, Bornhoft, Collis and Baker – as well as all the Pro-windsurfers and a full programme of entertainment throughout the three days.

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Spirit FM will be performing a live roadshow on Saturday afternoon. Then this year there are not one but TWO epic beachfront parties, both with live music! We can’t claim that the main stage is wind-powered, but the races certainly are and the sound and lighting rig is provided by non other than the team who supply Glastonbury itself!

Besides, since it is a full-on watersports festival, down by the sea, you can more-or-less guarantee that N.W.F will be drier than Glastonbury. And the toilets are better!

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3 full days of entertainment and watery magnificence at N.W.F (with EVERYTHING to do with the festival included) costs approximately 25% less than the parking charge alone for a campervan at Glastonbury 2011. Now That’s What I Call Music (to my ears, anyway!)

Tickets for the parties are available and online entry to the full 3 day festival is now open, both via the website, so book now and don’t miss out!

Roberto Ricci (RRD) books his ticket for this years NWF

The NWF welcomes Roberto Ricci owner and designer of RRD to this years National Windsurfing Festival (NWF). His attended last year which was his first experience of this british unique mass participation event and obviously left a lasting impression……


He will be giving presentations about that latest RRD equipment on the trade to public day Fri 7th Sept and no doubt will be joining in as much on water action he can……



The NWF of 2011 gave ‘TEAM de Blaby’ one of its best UK outings of the year, not least because there were times when all four of us were out on the water at the same time. Rick (Dad and chief sponsor, rigger, coach and general camel) has been windsurfing for 30 years but Ed (15 years old), Harry (13 years old) and Lu (7 years old) all started windsurfing at around 6 years old, so we have a cumulative 47 years’ worth of experience in the van!

We have nearly as many sails, boards, booms and other bits of kit to cover all the options ranging from a 1.2m all the way up to a 7.5m and 75l up to 130l. Funny how Ed is pulling off duck gybes and tacks that his Dad has spent half a lifetime practising – with Harry not too far behind.


The Festival was just a great celebration of what we like doing best in one of our favourite venues, and whilst we might have liked to have had a tad more wind, in truth Lu would not have had his first race if there had been, so maybe Aeolus, the wind god, was looking out for us after all.

The event was brilliantly organised and even when little Lu was quite a way out to sea, the guys in the rescue boats were keeping a close eye on him, even though there was a secret bit of string tying him to his Dad as he doesn’t point up the wind too well in a swell! And Harry was sailing alongside playing wing man.

Big credit goes to Simon Bornhoft who has regularly coached the boys over the years and gave Ed in particular some real race tips – he fancied his chances. And Dave White’s pictures of Lu, which appeared in ‘Boards’ magazine, made him the happiest windsurfer in the world, evidence that there are no boundaries to our great sport, no matter how young you are.

NWF 2012; bring it on!

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Rick de Blaby

Luca de Blaby did all this without resorting to performance-enhancing substances, such as Haribos, blue Smarties and Sunny Delight.

Participation in the N.W.F really is open to everyone, regardless of age, sex, ability and equipment! If you have never experienced the thrill of racing before, never thought you could (or never even thought that you wanted to!) the N.W.F is the perfect opportunity for you to give it a go in a fun, non-intimidating ‘Out and Back’ Master Blaster format! Make 2012 the year you give it a try – we suspect, from experience, that you will be hooked!

Online entry opened 1st June

In the first 9 days we have 100 already entered and secured their event rash vest for this years NWF & NSUPF…….


Is this N.W.F?
Is this the N.SUP.Fest?
Down by the seaside
An escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
Go round the race buoy
Or you’ll get no sympathy

The race is easy come, easy go
Tide is high, tide is low
Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me.

Mama, just killed my gybe
Did a gun run down the beach
Pulled my downhaul, loosed my leach
Mama, race had just begun
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away…
Gurus oooh oooh oooh oooh
Didn’t mean to make you cry
If I’m not sheeted-in this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on – because coaching really matters…

Too late, low tide has come
Fancy dress, band, beer and wine
Gotta party all the time
Goodbye everybody, I’ve gotta go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the loop…
I don’t wanna die
I sometimes wish I’d never hooked-in at all…

I see a little sillhouetto with a van
Allan Cross! Allan Cross! Will you do the Night Windsurf?
Thunderbird and Lightning; very, very frightening sea!
Hayling Island (Hayling Island)
Hayling Island (Hayling Island)
Hayling Island here we go…

I came to Beachlands, I had free camping
He came to Beachlands and he parked his camper van!
Spare him his tent, let him pitch it for free!

Breezes come, breezes go, will you let me go?
Flotilla No! We will not let you go!
(Let him go!) Flotilla! He’s fronting the HiHo!
(Let him go!) Flotilla! Around the buoy primo!
(Let me go!) Bagging the airflow!
(Let me go)(Never) Never let you go
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh have a beer, have a beer, have a beer, let me go
Inn On The Beach has a Pub Grub put aside for meee, for meeee, for meeeeeeeeeeee…

So you think you can stop me, spit sand in my eye?!?!
So you think you can luff me and leave me to die?!?!
Oh, de Blaby, Luca’s six, not a baby,
Just gotta plane out, just gotta plane right outta

National Windsurf Festival, Anyone can see
National Windsurf Festival
National Windsurf Festival for me…
(Any way the wind blows…)

This brings together two of the great loves of my life – Windsurfing and Freddie Mercury. And with its obvious Royal connections, I think it is also a fitting tribute for the Jubilee!

Online entry has now opened. Make sure that you bag your ticket for a Right Royal Knees Up!

Jackie Lambert