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I attended a short, evening clinic with Jem Hall at Andy Biggs Watersports. We learnt all about ‘Bananas’ and ‘Fish fingers’, The 5 Illnesses of Windsurfing Technique and how quarter of an inch makes a difference. Experienced windsurfers all, we were given so many tips and had so many ‘Eureka’ moments in so short a time that afterwards, the word on the street was “I wish I’d brought a pen and paper!”

“Who has got my DVD?” Jem asked us. Our hands shot up like a bunch of over-eager school kids. “Me sir! Me! Me! I’ve got it, sir!” “Who has actually watched it…?” Our hands shot down and we stared uncomfortably at our feet… Years of experience in coaching people like you and I means that Jem is wise to all of our little tricks of self-deceit – like ‘owning training materials will magically improve our windsurfing’ – and he WILL find you out! “If you’ve got the DVD, WATCH IT! And PRACTISE! That way, when you come on a course, I will be coaching you on a technique, not showing you how to do it for the first time. I get people on looping courses who have never even tried any of the pre-exercises, but they expect to learn to loop in a day!”

“Knowledge is Power.” Jem told us. And that knowledge needs to be diverse. There is no doubt that tuning up your technique will improve your sailing, but what do you know about tuning your equipment? I don’t just mean tweaking your downhaul a bit to tune your sails; what about your footstraps? Your fins? Your mast-foot? Or your boom height?

“The cheapest way to upgrade your quiver” Jem told us “is to TUNE! For example – a good fin will transform a mediocre board. If you are overpowered, why not try changing the fin instead of your sail?” I told you that Jem will find you out. ‘Tuning’ is not a word, it is a sentence – and one which could spell the end of blaming your equipment for those grim gybes and tragic tacks!

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But tuning isn’t all bad news. We all know that adjusting your harness lines following a wipe-out is the universal language for “Actually, I REALLY meant to do that…” Tuning does give you a few more original variations of things to fiddle with in the water to look like you meant it!

Jem also told us “’If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.’ The key is to EXPERIMENT- and do your Force 3-4 homework. You WILL learn more in light winds. It will keep you fit – and it will also stop you from killing yourself in a wind drought!”

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I think that it is only fair to tell you at this point that Bananas and Fish Fingers are rockered wave boards and flat slalom boards. But which should you buy? Should you invest in a twinser or a quad? What is the best downhaul line? How will SUPs benefit your windsurfing? What ARE The 5 Illnesses of Windsurfing Technique and how DOES half an inch make a difference? C’mon, I only have 500 words in me blog and I am already over! If you want to know the answers, you really need to come along and have a chat with the man himself. I assure you that it will be time very well spent!

Jem Hall will be giving FREE coaching clinics throughout the weekend at N.W.F. Remember to watch your DVDs and do that Force 3 & 4 homework beforehand, or you will be found out… Oh – and DON’T forget to bring a pen and paper!

Jackie Lambert
For more information on Jem’s ‘Beginner to Winner’ and ‘Winner to Wavesailor’ DVDs and his coaching clinics at home or abroad, visit

The new 2013 Tushingham, Rock,Concept and Dino will be exhibited at this years NWF

Rock – This year’s modifications aimed at getting the power on more quickly without sacrificing any control. The changes we have made have created a sail which is crisper, lighter and more direct which enables the rider to perform moves easier whilst still maintaining that locked in feel.

Concept – The brand new 4-batten Concept blends crisp freeride performance with effortless light handling in light to medium winds. The Concept’s power, super-easy handling and light weight make it the very best sail for progression and with respectable top-end stability, it will last well beyond the early stages of planing.

Dino – The latest Dino has been carefully designed to work a wide range of conditions so that each size will be responsive in light winds whilst maintaining maximum control in stronger winds. Luff and boom lengths along with overall weight have been kept to a minimum creating a feeling of freedom and confidence, combined with the specially developed Dino masts this results in very light weight easily handled rig for the young windsurfer.

3 days or 2

Even though the festival is over 3 days 7-9 Sept, don’t worry if you can only make the weekend as I can sure you its packed with enormous fun as usual and won’t miss out on any or the competition……

The Olympic Spirit

Amid the excitement of the first Englishman ever to win the Tour de France, the surprise victory of a veteran golfer at the Open and Andy Murray…Doh!…Not again…Well – maybe next year…it would still be hard to ignore that li’l ole thang happening in London during the Summer of Sport. I am not going to add my ha’penn’worth about windsurfing being dropped from the Olympics (it would take you far too long to get me off my soap-box!) Instead, I wish Bryony and Nick all the best and hope that British Olympic Windsurfing will, at least, go down in a blaze of glory on home turf!

With windsurfing out, I do fear for my chance of achieving Olympic gold… But luckily, you do not need an Olympic dream to enjoy or compete within a sport. Most of us would never take up anything if our sole objective were Olympic glory. We participate in sport for many reasons, but even within purely recreational sport, a flicker of the Olympic spirit burns…


Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the modern Olympic Games as a forum for competition between amateur, not professional sportspeople. He believed that competition, rather than winning, is key. “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.” To me, the racing in the NWF embodies this fundamental spirit of the Olympics. The NWF truly is an amateur competition. Whatever your level, it is all about taking part and doing your best, in a friendly, competitive environment.

A bit of competition is healthy; it gives focus and encourages improvement. Nevertheless, amateur sportspeople often shy away from competition. The reasons can be many, but frequently lands solidly with The F Word. Fear. Competition necessarily involves putting yourself up to be weighed, measured and judged – and this provokes fear. Fear of failure; fear of letting others down; fear that we will look silly or get it wrong in public.

But really, the fear surrounding competition is unfounded. As an emotion, fear evolved to protect us from danger and let’s face it, entering a windsurfing race is pretty consequence-free. We won’t risk attack by an army of tiger sharks as we head for the buoy or invite the onset of Armageddon if we don’t secure a podium finish!


Competition need not be intimidating. At NWF, races are intended to be straightforward and without any complicated rules or need for special equipment. Start on the beach with any board / sail combo; out and back to a buoy; finish back on the beach – just like when you race your mate at the weekend, really! The F word is still there; the 3 letter one – FUN!

Laura Jurgens entered her first ever windsurf race at the NWF, having been windsurfing for only 8 months. “I didn’t win – but I didn’t come last! But I did have the biggest smile on my face from all the 300 competitors – and I felt I should have won a prize for that alone!” Indeed she should! Laura enjoyed it so much that she has not missed a single NWF since and says “Don’t be scared about the word RACE like I was……

Even if you’re a beginner, as long as you can get around a simple course (doesn’t matter if you wobble or fall off a trillion times like I did) then it’s for you!!!! Its all about taking part and having lots of fun – and it really is!”
Think of some of the most memorable Olympians. Eric the Eel and Eddie the Eagle are Olympic legends. They not only failed – they did so SPECTACULARLY! Yet they achieved global celebrity status and years later, are remembered with admiration and affection.

Why? Because they had the gumption to give it a go! They fought well – both did hold the record for their sport in their home countries – and so they truly demonstrate the Baron’s vision of the Olympic spirit!

Here’s a quote from the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s ‘The Complete World of Sports’* which says it all. “Aristotle thought that sports were one of the highest of human endeavours; that they embody ideals of body and spirit and that sports can take us out of our shallow selves and make us part of something larger…Part of a team.”


Come along to the NWF and fight well, my friend and in doing so, you WILL become part of something larger than yourself – a personification of The Olympic Spirit and part of the NWF team!
Jackie Lambert

You can enter the NWF via the website. The emphasis is on taking part and having fun, rather than going for glory, although there is certainly some glory to be had! There are hundreds of superb prizes to be given away and you can even win the opportunity to take part in the incredible Night Windsurf alongside the professional windsurfers!

*(Go see it!)
You can sign a petition to keep windsurfing in the Olympics on

Calling all self-doubters

Right! If you’re out there reading this and have never entered the NWF before because you don’t think you’re good enough, read on this blog is for you.

I was in your position in 2008. I could just about sail in a straight line in powered up conditions, but was a million miles away from the elusive gybe and I thought a Tack was used to hold two bits of wood together. However in 2008 I took the plunge and registered.

2008 saw strong winds pushing me to my limit. This was the most unbelievable fun!! And friendships were forged in those first 5 minutes alone. I managed to get off the beach and completed the race by swimming around the gybe mark. The next day was calmer and perfect for my ability. I competed in all the races without completing a single Gybe.

nwf air 333 copy now copy

I have entered every year since then and have competed in the free ride, pre 85, and wind-sup fleets; on equipment ranging from normal free ride gear to an ex-Olympic eBay special costing 99p! I have also raced at night by getting into the top 50 on a SUP board last year, and taken part in the tag team challenge twice with pro riders such as Ben Proffitt, Bougima guilloma and Marcillo Browne; not forgetting attending the ‘awesome’ parties!

The National Windsurfing Festival is organized for the ordinary sailor like you and me, and what you get out of it is directly related to what you put in. I would encourage you to sign up and give it a go. As long as you can sail in a straight line you’ll be fine, and the smiles on the way home are guaranteed!

See you on the water Phil Plume.

This years NWF top 12

This is what you get at the unique windsurfing event designed for the uk’s free-ride market.

1. Opportunity to attend all the on water and land clinics conducted throughout the 3 day festival.
2. Opportunity to demo the latest equipment show cased at the biggest windsurfing/sup trade show.
3. Opportunity to attend the industry presentations and chat with the UK’s finest sailors.
4. Access to the parties and live entertainment for both Fri and Sat night.
5. Free car parking and camping for the duration.
6. Free unique NWF event rash vest.
7. Opportunity to enter in all the master blasters sponsored by the industry with hundreds of prizes on offer.
8. Free lunch meal on Sat.
9. Opportunity to enter the Night windsurf
10. Opportunity to enter into the SUP Festival.
11. Opportunity to celebrate our fantastic sport with 400 plus other like minded enthusiasts.
12. Opportunity to join in NWF Extreme Paddle a fun competition consisting of run, bike and inflatable SUP.

Don’t miss out so get your tickets before they sell out only 350 competitors and 1000 party goers.

RRD at this years NWF with the main man himself

This years NWF will see the release of the New Wave Cult Quads from RRD. The 100, 92, 83 and 75 have had their outlines slightly widened yet finish with a narrower tail with increased rocker and fee. The boards are looser, more alive and have a huge wind range and are ready to charge in all manner of waves and high wind conniptions. Roberto Ricci himself will be on the stand and ready to talk you through the boards as will the Seasprite Marketing team, including the mighty Dave White and big and bald Jem Hall. Come see us on the stand for a chat and we will talk you through the boards and sails … Online entry and additional party tickets at

Exhibiting for all those SUP enthusiasts at NSUPF 7-9 Sept 2013

Coreban sigma series with KND navel designed hull demo boards will be available to test along with the Wahine ladies series.

Dave Kalama’s signature paddle and The Magic and Elite Racer as well a the fun Slim Jim paddles will also be available from the Quickblade stand to demo.

For Ladies Of Watersports (FLOW)

Flow have confirmed their attendance at this years NWF & NSUPF 7-9 Sept and also we have Caroline Radway from Fitbodyfix coming along to share a few yoga classes with the willing audience….. We all forward their schedule in due course…

Check out the testimonials and videos of previous festivals……

Then you will see what you are missing if you don’t come to the UKs largest event of its kind, designed yes for you the free-ride sailor….