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Starboard International SUP gets behind the NSUPF 7-9 Sept 2012

The female of the (SUP) species…

In the predominantly male dominated arena of surf/board/watersports it’s refreshing to see that the fairer sex has taken to SUP like ducks to water.

Gliding along at a leisurely pace, taking in the view and appearing to exert little effort is what makes female paddlers the kind of ‘easy on the eye view’ that onlookers take note of.

From the Polynesian islands to the United States, Australia and now Europe, lady paddlers are popping up everywhere and dominating the masculine SUP population with their grace, flow and style. The Alpha Male may be strong and tough but it’s the women who portray the seemingly effortless skills that go a long way to attracting new comers to the sport.

fi sup 1

Don’t be fooled into thinking the girls don’t have competition nouse either. You only have to take a peek at the uber determined, uber competitive and uber fit Annabel Anderson, from New Zealand, to witness the utter domination that she has over the rest of the ladies’ fleet – and in some cases the men as well.

At this September’s National SUP Festival there will be plenty of demo gear available to try and if you have previously been a ‘surf widow’ then now is the time to take the plunge and get on board.

With plenty of other females on hand to give you the encouragement you need there will not be a better chance to give your other half a run for his money. Who knows, you may even turn out to better than him!

Fi sup 2

Every few weeks we see a new picture of some female celebrity snapped during an hour or two on the SUP. Plenty of women testify to SUP being great for fitness and an ideal way to stay in shape. Why diet why when all you need to do is grab your ‘stick’ head to your local patch of water and go for a float.

Being one of the easiest water sports to learn, as well as one of the most diverse and versatile, anywhere there is water will be fair game for SUP exploits.

So while he’s off with the boys, why not show who really is boss on the water and get involved in some SUP action at this year’s NSUPF.

Words and pics: Tez Plavenieks

NWF Kitesurfing Demo

There will be the inclusion of a NWF Kite demo situated on Kite Beach Haling Island 8-9 Sept 2012. Find out more info under the kite tab on home page

NWF Kite Demo poster copy copy 111

Ross Williams commits to NWF

Top all round PWA sailor, Ross Williams becomes UK agent for Gaastra Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Vandal Windsurfing, Tabou Windsurfing and SUP and will be attending and exhibiting at this years NWF.

ross_klein copy

Hayling Extreme Paddle as part of this years NSUPF

National SUP Festival (NSUPF) Hayling extreme paddle will take place at 1100hrs Fri 7th Sept, consisting of a 1mile run, 1 mile Mountain Bike ride followed by 1000m inflatable SUP Sprint…… Who’s in?

This Years Sat VIP Night Windsurf/SUP Party

This years Sat VIP Night Windsurf/Sup party is on a 1980’s theme, get those outfits sorted….


No-one is surprised when a strapping 6’6” bloke says that his hobby is windsurfing. But people do seem surprised when they turn to me, the wee wifey, and ask “And do you do it too?” “What – really?!”
Who says that we Ladies can’t Launch?! We are blessed with nothing less than a current female Olympic medallist in our sport – Bryony Shaw took bronze in Beijing – and there are many spectacular female champions across the non-Olympic disciplines; speedsters; wave riders; freestylers; and then there’s always Karin Jaggi, who is just Queen of Frikkin’ Everything – and has been For Ever!

Ladies 1 copy

There are also many unsung female heroes. I would not be windsurfing were it not for my Aunt, Anne. She is not only a huge inspiration to me – she is a windsurfing instructor who spends every weekend encouraging less privileged youngsters onto the water. Anne has been collecting her pension for a couple of years now, so age is clearly not an obstacle. Anne was taught to windsurf by a lady so crippled with arthritis that she needed to crawl on to her board. Not that she was about to let that limit her! Anne told me “I knew that if she could windsurf, I had no excuse!”

Ladies 2

But you need muscles like Sly Stallone to windsurf, right? My Mum was a compact four-foot-eleven-and-three-quarters; Dad, a stately six foot two. Dad was not a believer when Mum told him that she had learned some judo. I still remember the look on his face as he lay on the lounge floor, a mere fraction of a second after he expressed a slight lack of faith in my miniscule Mum’s ability to perform a hip throw!

It just goes to show that size and strength isn’t everything – with the correct technique, even the smallest person can move mountains. Sure, windsurfing is a physical sport, but the secret is all about technique – and that involves getting the wind to do the work!

I know a few reformed windsurfing widows who have decided that if they can’t beat them, they may as well join them. THEN they go on to beat them… You have heard the term ‘Fast and light’ – there is something to be said for having a smaller physique for getting going early, especially in light winds!

Ladies 3 copy

“I’d love to give it a go…” If I had £1 for every time I’d heard that – especially from mums whose kids sail, or those windsurfing widows on the beach, I’d have nearly enough to buy a Prada bag – or possibly even scrape together a deposit for a ghd hairdryer. (My hairdresser has a sign in the window saying “No cash or ghd left on the premises overnight” How much can a hairdryer cost? And what on earth does a hairdryer that requires a mortgage do?!)

If you’d love to give windsurfing a go, why not just get out there and DO IT? I guarantee that it will be WAY more fun than a limited-edition hairdryer (unless the Indoor Windsurfing is now powered by ghd!)
FLOW (For Ladies of Watersports) will be at N.W.F and there will be taster sessions* and technique clinics throughout the weekend.

There really is no better time to try out windsurfing if you have always longed to. If you are already initiated, you can come along and tickle up your technique at the free guru clinics or maybe have a go at some racing in the N.W.F’s simple, non-intimidating ‘out-to-a-buoy-and-back’ format.

C’mon girls. Give N.W.F a go! (And boys – encourage your Ladies to Launch!) You don’t know what you’re missing. If you are not convinced, did you know that windsurfing can burn up to 900 calories an hour? That is the single most exciting thing that I have heard since I learnt that carrot cake provides one of your 5 a day. 900 calories gives you a LOT of leeway with a box of Thornton’s or whatever else is your guilty pleasure. And if you don’t burn off all that Thornton’s, no matter – it will help you to hold down a bigger sail.
And that is what is known in the business as a win : win situation!

Jackie Lambert

*Places on taster sessions are limited and are available on a first come first served basis booked through Havant Borough Council
There is something for everyone at N.W.F; catering for all genders and ability levels. Online entry is now open – so don’t miss out and bag your limited edition rash vest -the must-have fashion item of the season!

The Cross Over

The Cross Over

Some would argue that attaching a windsurf rig to your SUP is just another form of longboard sailing from back in the day – and in a lot of ways this would be correct. However, the main difference is that your SUP is so much more versatile than a windsurfing longboard.

You can surf it, sail it and paddle it – wherever there is water and in any kind of weather – which highlights just why enthusiasts love their log.
For the purist windsurfer (who refuses to pick up a paddle) then maybe now is the time to stick your sail on one and make use of some light wind. We can’t be planning all the time and isn’t it about getting on the water anyway?

And let’s not forget the benefit of practicing your moves in low wind first.

Ask any of the guru coaches at this year’s National Windsurf Fest and they will tell you that muscle memory is everything. Tacks, gybes, beach starts and heli tacks can, and should, be attempted in a light breeze before moving into stronger wind.

Wind Sup Blog copy 3 copy copy

In years past windsurfing in light airs would have required you to purchase an adequately sized windsurf board to make use of these types of conditions. With gloomy economic times this is something that many are not in the position to do.

A SUP gives you so many more options and combines a number of disciplines into one beach toy. This versatility makes owning a paddle board a much easier prospect to swallow.

The National Windsurf Festival aims to promote an on water lifestyle and by highlighting Wind SUP, event organiser Allan Cross is trying to show the synergy between the two disciplines.

As well as the windsurfing fest there will be the National SUP Festival running in tandem. The hope is that participants from both sides of the fence will be encouraged to have a go at the ‘other’ sport. It is Wind SUP that is the cross over point and which will showcase the ease and accessibility of this discipline.

Who knows – maybe after visiting this year’s event you will be a convert?

Words and pic Tez Plavenieks


“Like a Duracell bunny on happy pills” is how I once heard someone describe windsurf coaching guru Jim Collis. It couldn’t be closer to the truth. There is a saying that you get the face that you deserve and, with his countenance never set in anything but a beaming grin, this was never more true than with Jim!

Jim Collis Face 2 today

But being a thoroughly nice chap is certainly not all that Jim can offer in terms of coaching for all levels of windsurfer. Don’t tell Condor Ferries, but I think that the cracks in the harbour wall at Weymouth were started by the whoop of joy emitted by my friend Emma when, with gentle encouragement, Jim fixed it for her to do her first ever beach start!

Jim West Wittering today copy

How would you like to be coached by one of the Technique Editors for Windsurf Magazine or someone who was instrumental in actually developing the RYA adult windsurf training scheme? Or someone who trains instructors and instructor trainers? Jim has worked all over the world as a windsurf coach, although if you want to learn on your own kit on your own beach, Jim runs clinics throughout the year all around the UK as well. As a trained paramedic, Jim might be just the guy to breathe new life into your windsurfing!

Jim’s coaching concept is KEEP IT SIMPLE! Jim will encourage you to feel what is going on rather than coaching by numbers. Instead of your head being full of instructions, you will learn to react instinctively to the changing conditions out there on the water. Whether your aspirations are to get on a board for the first time or master the most advanced manoeuvre, Jim will help you on your windsurfing journey.

Jim says of the NWF “As a coach and someone who has spent a large proportion of his life trying to bring windsurfing to the people and inspire people to progress within this sport, this event is unrivalled and why I will always be there to help out and have a good time with everyone.”

Jim's technique 095 copy 22

If you want to come along and get a taster of what Jim can do for you, Jim will be running FREE coaching clinics at NWF throughout the three days.

Why not join in and give your windsurf evolution a boost?!

But don’t just take my word for it. As Andy Rosenthal and Nick Hawkes said after their session at Hayling with Jim; “What a difference to be tutored by a true windsurf teaching professional. Your dedication to helping us improve and get as much out of the day as possible made the learning experience all the more memorable and rewarding. Thanks for an outstanding day’s tuition and entertainment.”
Couldn’t put it better myself!
Jackie Lambert

For further details about Jim’s coaching sessions at home and abroad, see

Mistral SUP

The mistrial SUP inflatables and rigid race boards will be exhibited and available for demo at this years National SUP Festival 7-9 Sept 2012.