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One week till National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) & National SUP Festival 7-9 Sept, You can enter in either discipline so make sure you bring ya kit and don’t forget we have a wind supping category too…… Industry Trade, Demo’s, Clinics, Camping, Parties, Fancy Dress, Rash Vests, Team Racing, Prizes,Night Windsurfing, we got it all……. No need for the latest hi tech equipment or come along and soak up the atmosphere and have FUN at the largest event of its king in the uk aimed at the free-ride, intermediate sailor……..

This years Event Schedule now online

Check out this years NWF & NSUPF 7-9 Sept Event Schedule….. Boy it looks busy……. Online entries will close in 7 days time for administration purposes.

Airstars Light the way for Night Windsurfing at this years NWF

Airstars will assist in the lighting of this years Night Windsurfing Sat 8th Sept as part of this years National Windsurfing Festival (NWF)

Airstars pic


I met Peter Hart for the first time on his Wave-sailing Masterclass in Kerry. “I am off to do battle with the North Atlantic!” I announced. It was not an equal match; as my friend Malk very kindly pointed out; “The North Atlantic does have a weight advantage…” he said “Albeit slight…”

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I could do the introductions, but c’mon. EVERYBODY knows Peter Hart! Voted “The 3rd most influential and inspirational windsurfer of all time” in a worldwide poll, I think we have all been entertained by a Peter Hart training DVD or read one of Harty’s books or columns at some time in our windsurfing career.

Peter is not a windsurfing instructor, he is your mate. You can have a laugh and a beer with him and, like any good mate (I do include Malk in this!) it sometimes falls to Peter to point out uncomfortable truths – like “Put that boom down about a YARD!” Pete has a great way of summing up the essentials. On speed sailing; “The first thing you need to know is – it hurts!” On wave-sailing; “Success early on can be as simple as being able to get off the beach…” Yep – happy with that “…then make it back to land…” OK so far… “…still holding on to unbroken equipment.” Oooh – the devil is always in the detail!

On my first day, I did get off the beach, but my return was not that simple. It involved 45 minutes in The Impact Zone, hanging on to my kit with waves pounding over my head. I surfaced looking for tea and sympathy, since it has always been my belief that the Hippocratic Oath of Windsurf Instructors is “You can lead a course to water, but you can’t make them sink…” I did not expect Peter then to say “I’m really GLAD that happened to you!”
He must have noticed the murderous look in my eye as I spluttered indignation and sea water, because he quickly added “That was the worst case scenario and it wasn’t that bad, was it?” “I nearly DROWNED!” I entreated. “What really happened?” he asked. I had to admit that “I, er, floated around a bit and drifted back to shore…!”

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It sometimes falls to your mate to kindly hold up a mirror to you. Once I looked at my experience without the indignation and melodrama, I had to admit that not being able to get back to shore immediately (while under the close surveillance of one of the top windsurf coaches in the UK) was more ‘a mild inconvenience’ than ‘a near drowning.’ And I was still holding on to unbroken equipment, so my first battle with the North Atlantic was a complete success!

Kerry was one of my best holidays ever (and believe me, it has some competition!) We all learnt TONS from Peter – and this important lesson wasn’t about technique. It was all about patience, understanding the elements and facing up to fear and the reality of the situation. You need patience in spades to catch that perfect wave – but you do need to be equally patient when waiting for that wave to let go, if IT has caught YOU…!
The truth is that, if you want to sail in waves, you are going to wipe out in waves, so you better get used to it. To be quite honest, if I had been a bit more Zen and embraced the Irish sunshine (yes really!), the sea and the view of Brandon Mountain, while awaiting the inevitable (by which, I mean drifting back to shore!) – it would actually have been quite an enjoyable and relaxing 45 minutes!

Peter will be running FREE clinics throughout the weekend at N.W.F on all aspects of windsurfing, so if you want to come along, have a laugh and be coached by a mate (who also happens to be a multiple-champion windsurfer, journalist, coach, author, presenter and the face of ‘Wally’ on those familiar old friends, the RYA videos…!) then this is your chance.

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As Martijn de Ruijter, one of our chums from the Netherlands who attended Peter’s N.W.F clinic last year said “It was nice to hear him speak with such enthusiasm. I learnt a few tricks about getting to plane earlier and I would really recommend it to others – getting the Pros to share their secrets!”

And as fellow windsurfing guru Jim Collis said to me once, “Harty is a LEGEND!” – now you won’t get a better recommendation than that!

Jackie Lambert
Come and say hi or take part in one of Peter’s clinics at N.W.F! If you would like to find out more information about Peter; links to his books, Masterclass DVDs and details of his coaching clinics around the UK and worldwide, visit

Ross Williams is crowned European and World Formula Champion for 2012

Huge congratulations to Ross Williams in being crowned the 2012 Formula World Champion in Latvia today fantastic result and will be attending this years NWF 7-9 Sept….

Repositioning of Hayling webcam to capture the NWF action as it happens….

Link to webcam is


“Women – know your limits!” So said Mr Chalmondly-Warner in one of my favourite Harry Enfield sketches. If Mr C-W had his way, us girls would all be at home in pearls and thick skirts, talking about fluffy bunnies to prevent us having dangerous opinions of our own or worse, getting in the wrong side of the car (the driver’s side!)

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In terms of women in sport, the London 2012 Games have certainly been a landmark. Thankfully, things have moved on somewhat from the Ancient and even the early Modern Olympics, which were male only. 2012 is the first Olympic Games in which women can compete in every sport. It is also the first which has seen female representatives from countries which have never sent women to the Olympics, like Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Whatever their sporting achievements, these pioneering women are worthy of adulation for overcoming Olympian political, religious and cultural obstacles, before they even touched down in London.

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And you can’t deny that The Girls Done Great! For Team GB, 11 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals were won by the ladies. That’s nearly half of the golds – and the first medal of the games for Team GB and the first Team GB gold was collected for Britain by the girls. There were many spectacular achievements; Nicola Adams made history by becoming the first ever female Olympic boxing champ – a far cry from the early 20th century, when archery, tennis and golf were considered the only Olympic sports genteel enough for women to compete in. Then there’s Jessica Ennis, darling of the nation and face of the games, who took gold in heptathlon, achieving a time over hurdles that would have won medals in the actual hurdle race in Beijing. This rather flies in the face of de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympics, who felt that female participation would be “impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and incorrect.”

Flow 3

Yet it remains a fact that fewer women than men take part in sport, despite well-documented physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, which include more self-confidence, better leadership skills, increased energy and improved sleep as well as the obvious ones of fitness and weight control. The reasons behind the statistics are the usual; social / traditional attitudes; lack of media coverage and role models (reluctance of advertisers to use women athletes – we could be about to see a big change there!); finance; access to coaching; and of course, family commitments and children.

Research by Sport England shows that overcoming psychological (feeling self-conscious) and social (friends do it) aspects are key in promoting female participation. Making things non-competitive and fun and particularly having female-only sessions are the best ways to encourage the ladies to join in. This means that the N.W.F is great news for the girls! You can bring a friend to N.W.F; the races are intended to be fun and friendly; and if there are three of you, you can enter the races as a team. Amy Carter and the ladies from FLOW (For Ladies Of Watersports) will be there to support you, offering the Three Cs; Chats, Coaching and Chocolate brownies! And boys, you can do your bit by encouraging your ladies to take part. And if it is not windsurfing, you might find that SUP is the sport for you – and will certainly help you develop a 6 pack to rival Queen Jessica’s!

Health is defined as physical, mental and social wellbeing. Sport brings us all of that; the buzz of exertion and adrenaline; the thrill of performance, when you have played well; the social life – a sense of belonging; all of these promote health. Windsurfing has all of this in spades, especially the social side. It is also a wonderful hobby to share and enjoy with your family. We know many parents who have had happy family weekends and holidays way beyond the ‘parents are boring’ stage, all through sharing a passion for our wonderful sport with their offspring.

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So, to summarise. Windsurfing makes you happy and keeps you thin. What not to like? And Women, as for knowing your limits, well that’s up to you. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning won the first British Olympic gold at 2012 and the first ever for UK womens’ rowing. After the race, Helen said “If you work really hard and try your best, you can do anything!” That from a lady who rowed for the first time only 4 years ago. It is the stuff of dreams. Know your limits? Well, we might not all have an inner Olympian, but what are the boundaries of your imagination?

Jackie Lambert

Ladies – this is our year! Why not make 2012 the year that you do something amazing and enter the N.W.F as an individual or with friends (male or female!) as a team of 3 or more? Or come along and try windsurfing for the first time or improve with some FREE coaching from FLOW? The N.W.F has a great sense of community and is a wonderful, fun and friendly celebration of our sport. Don’t miss out. Be part of it!

Latest Stream sites for NWF Live 2012

You will be able to follow the NWF Live stream from the following sites:

– Flowatersports
– Heathrow Jets
– SUPGlobal
– National Windsurfing Festival including the FB Fan page
– Tushingham, Starboard SUP, Starboard, Savern and Red Paddle
– ClubVass Tony Booth
– Boardwise
– Colin Dixon
– Brian McDowell – Will host on WM social pages
– BigSalty
– Baker Acamdemy
– TechTrial
– SUP Surf – John Hibbard


Steve West NSUPF

Steve West

Just a reminder to sign up. Ryan James will be running various workshops, Mandy West will be working with any ladies wishing to improve or get started in the sport, James Humphery Hardy will be looking after first timers and I will be trying to run things as smoothly as the shitty English weather will permit. Those running the talks / sessions are all ASI (Australia) qualified instructors – hope to see you there.

W4CR Charity Auction Fri 8 Sept

We have had an excellent response from the industry who have donated some great prizes to be auctioned at the W4CR Charity Auction on Fri 8th Sept 2012 starting at 1930hrs and entertainment will be supplied by the band Half-Light….. So please come along and support this excellent cause……… Or even donate something yourself for the raffle after all it doesn’t have to be windsurfing/sup orientated.