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NWF Live 2012 will be streamed too


The stream will be going live around 11am on Friday 7th September.

So far I have the following confirmed as stream/highlight host websites.

– Boards
– Mpora
– Boardseeker
– Flowatersports
– Heathrow Jets
– SUPGlobal
– National Windsurfing Festival including the FB Fan page
– Tushingham, Starboard SUP, Starboard, Severne and Red Paddle
– ClubVass Tony Booth
– Boardwise
– Colin Dixon
– Brian McDowell – Will host on social pages

NWF Live 2012

This years NWF & NSUPF will have a live internet stream if you cannot make it in person… So you can view all the action as it takes place and we also have a highlights of the day video posted……… This will be hosted on a NWF Live Stream which will be shown on NWF page and other locations TBC.


Surf Mirrors

Surf Mirrors will be providing the unique trophies at this years NWF & NSUPF and will also be exhibiting his unique collection within the trade display at this years festival.

surf mirrors


I have an affinity with the Dutch. Orange is my favourite colour and I am from Lancashire, where we too have a passion for clogs and an unintelligible language. In Lancastrian, ‘Put wood i’th’ole an’ git aht of it.’ means ‘Please close the door as you leave.’ ‘Willie Eckerslike’ isn’t t’name of t’lad up t’road – it means ‘He definitely won’t…’ And since we are discussing the Netherlands and Northern phrases that sound like boys’ names, it is best that you know right now that Salford Van Hire is NOT a member of the Dutch aristocracy…

Flying Dutchman - Copy copy 3

According to the history books, the last Dutch invasion of Britain was in 1688. It resulted in the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’ and led to a period of peace and prosperity under the ministrations of Wills and Good Queen Mary. And we have to congratulate Dorian van Rijsselberghe on his London 2012 RSX gold medal – he pipped our man Dempo to the post, but he absolutely dominated the racing and is a worthy Olympic champion.

I think that the Dutch invasion of 2011 is also worthy of note. Martin de Ruijter and a group of his mates opted for the ultimate road trip, from the Netherlands to the N.W.F! I asked him what made him decide to travel all that way to visit the N.W.F; “For years, I have read the stories in ‘Boards’ Magazine. The pictures and the unique way of starting the races, everyone together, made me decide to ask a few friends to join.”
A recreational free-rider, Martin has taken part in a few regional competitions in the Netherlands, although he said “Most of the time, I only race my friends.” The N.W.F’s simple ‘out and back’ racing format, with results announced instantly, really appealed. “The prize-giving after the races gives the sailors immediate results and motivation. In the Netherlands, you get your results after the whole weekend!”

Flying Dutchman Shirts - Copy copy 3

I was interested to know how easy a non-native found it to take part in the N.W.F, on what was his first ever visit to the UK. He told me “It was VERY easy, Allan made everything very clear. The atmosphere was really nice, everyone looks after each other.” I asked him what he would say to someone who has never raced and is not sure about entering, or thinks that racing is just for pros? “Just do it. It looks more difficult than it really is. Even if there is not a lot of wind, it is still fun to race with so many people.”

FLying Dutchmen Launch - Copy copy 3

I asked Martin “What surprised you most at N.W.F?” He replied “The relaxed atmosphere!” That is praise indeed, coming from a man who hails from a country where being ‘laid back’ is an issue of National pride!
Finally, Martin’s message to those who are not sure whether to try racing or haven’t booked their place at the N.W.F yet; “Get there! Have fun!”
Can’t argue with that! Martin will be back again this year. All I can say is “Gaan Nederlanders!” or “Go Dutch!”

Jackie Lambert

If you are not sure about taking part, Martin has proved that the simple format of the N.W.F is not all Double Dutch – even to a non-Brit, taking part for the first time, on his first ever visit to the country! Book your place online to make sure that you don’t lose out. Entry to the races (along with absolutely everything else) is included in the price – so why not make 2012 the year you join the Flying Dutchmen, on and off the water. Orange shirts are optional!

No need for the latest Hi Performance equipment

You don’t need the latest hi performance kit to be competitive at the National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) as have categories for pre 1985 and pre millennium equipment…. Plus we have team racing and even categories for fancy dress, when I say the event is unique, we mean unique…..

Kai Sports Ltd confirms attendance at this years festival

Kia Sports Ltd have confirmed their attendance at this years NWF & NSUPF 7-9 Sept 2012. They will be exhibiting Nah Skwell Paddle boards, AHD Windsurfing, Powerex Masts, X-Paddle, Whiskeyjack Paddles.

Tech Trial at this years festival

“NWF attendee” offering £10 off all purchases or order of GoPro or Drift Cameras.

Book me a ticket

Thats right Robert Ricci the main man at RRD has his flight tickets booked to come and join us once more at this years NWF. He came for the first time last year and left a lasting impression of this awesome festival……
Yeh he is the one on the right!

70 ltr Fanatic Custom board made by Mark Nelson for Nik Baker donated to this years NWF

We have a single fin 70 ltr Fanatic Custom board made and signed by Mark Nelson for Nik Baker. Puravida and Nik Baker have kindly donated this board as a prize for the BSA Turbo 15s at this years National Windsurfing Festival (NWF) 7-9 Sept 2012………..

photo-1 copy 2

Be Inspired…

The National SUP/Windsurf Festival will offer the opportunity to get on the water whatever the weather.

Many will have never tried a SUP so with all the demo kit available now is the chance to have a bash – you never know you may even enjoy it!

If you need any more inspiration then check out this short interview with Anthony Crook. He had no previous watersports experience but grabbed a paddle and board for the first time last year and is now out on the water regularly.

What made you decide to try SUP?

Anthony Crook SUP copy

Two things really, firstly knowing someone who had the equipment and the charity to let me have a go. I would also like to fly a commercial airliner but I don’t have any mates who will let me. I have lived in Portsmouth for four years and decided that as I live so close to one of the best playgrounds – the sea – I may as well go and play.

How easy did you find SUP to learn?

I used to skate and mess around with balance sports until I broke my arm. This meant I had a grounding in what it’s like to stand on something less stable than the floor so when I was handed a SUP I took to it like a duck to water and was paddling around in no time. It really is one of the easiest watersports to learn.

What part of SUP do you most enjoy?

The best part of SUP is the flexibility. I have paddled around Chichester Harbour and had a relaxing ‘stroll’ on the water whilst chatting all the way. The next time I was out was off Hayling sea front catching waves. There aren’t many sports that offer that level of variety.

How often do you paddle?

As often as possible. I have a gym membership but I work in an office all day so if I have the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and not into another air-conditioned building I’ll take it.
What type of conditions do you most enjoy?

Anthony Crook mug shot copy

Ha, warm conditions ideally! I have been out in early December for a bit of flat water but I have to admit I really didn’t want to fall in.
Waves are definitely the most fun you can have on a SUP but as they are inconsistent I think you have to learn to love all aspects of SUP.

Why does SUP appeal?

SUP vs prone surfing has always appealed more because of where I live. Down on the south coast of the UK I can’t rely on there being perfect waves every time I want to go out so having a paddle means I can move around and get to where the waves are and catch more of them. I’m also in favour of anything that means I spend less time actually in the water which can get quite cold in the winter.

What part of the National SUP Festival are you looking forward to?

I have typically been going out with people I already know. We do chat to people on the beach but there is no substitute for having a drink with like-minded paddlers and getting to really know them. And the party looks like it should go off!

In the last few weeks Tony has also started to windsurf and is well on the way to becoming a fully-fledged UK waterman.

The two sports offer perfect synergy and is why the National SUP/Wind Fest is a great platform for visitors to try something new.

Words and pics – Tez Plavenieks