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Delayed opening of NWF pre entry

Due to technical difficulties the NWF online entry system (more…)

Siton kayaks – the easiest watersport

Visit any stretch of water during (more…)

British Kitesports Association

The British Kitesports Association guides us through what kit to buy, where to learn and how to stay safe on the water (more…)

Raley to Blind

Cabrinha riders Christian and Karin show us how (more…)

Un-hooked pop to switch

Cabrinha riders Cristian and Karine show us (more…)

Riding Blind with Cabrinha

Christian and karine from Cabrinha (more…)

Windsurfers Overview of The National Watersports Festival NWF


Well folks it’s late May and that means in (more…)

NWF 2013 Pre-Event Tour

Allan gives you an a overview of whats (more…)

Whats been your most memorable moments of the NWF

We recently asked our Facebook fans what their most (more…)