Monthly Archives: March 2014

Latest NWF Newsletter

To keep the NWF community up to date we send out a newsletters each month that contains important information on the upcoming events. (more…)

NWF Junior Party Theme 3-4 May 2014

As the first NWF Junior is being held on 3rd  & 4th  May 2014 at Stithians lake we thought it would be appropriate to have a star wars themed fancy dress party (more…)

4th Round of OTC Slalom Training Camp 22-23 March 2014

Monday morning blues woke up and feel like Ive been hit by a freight train after 4 days Slalom trg at the OTC with Ross William’s…. (more…)

GetWindsurfing supporting NWF Junior 2014

Its great to welcome GetWindsurfing (more…)

The Club Scene at NWF

Do your club members fancy a road trip (more…)

Keith Atkinson attends NWF Junior 2014

Keith Atkinson who is 12 x British Windsurfing Champion (more…)

NWF Junior Promo Vid Part 2 2014

NWF Junior Promo Vid by Twisted Elements. (more…)

OTC Slalom Camp with Ross Williams

Check to the Ross William Slalom Camp (more…)