Monthly Archives: June 2015

Moo Custom NWF Board

Ive heard that if you own a custom board (more…)

Quayside Demo Weekend 27/28 June

Quayside demo this weekend 27/28 June (more…)

NWF Site Navigation

Ive had a little feed back that people had difficulties (more…)

NWF 2015 Limited to 350 Camping Participants

After attending the Council Safety Advisory (SAG) (more…)

National Watersports Ticket line set to open!

Tickets for the National Watersports Festival (NWF), (more…)

NWF 2015 T Shirt & Hoodie Design

As there seems to be a fair few people enquiring (more…)

NWF 2015 Summary Update

Online entry opens

This years online entry system will open on Mon 15th June 2015 (more…)