Laura Jurgens told me a quick funny story – “I was at the airport at Dahab last week and chatted to some people and asked them if they were going to the W.T.F!”

That made me chortle. Of course, she meant the N.W.F – but then I started to think, maybe Laura’s Freudian slip was not so far from the truth! Where else would you see a tiger get a podium finish in a windsurf race? Or four generations of a family competing in the same race? Or Formula racers walking around the gybe buoy because their fins were too long (it gave the mortals a chance!)


Bruce Cotsell told me that he came 57th overall in a fleet of about 250. I was impressed – but he said that he could probably have done better if he hadn’t been so polite on the starting line; “After you.” “No really. After you!” How very British. I love it!

Ant Baker ran a session on dry-land looping (not for the faint hearted) and Simon Bornhoft demonstrated how to lose weight in under 3 seconds and enhance your early planning. And Roberto Ricci, the R.R. (and Designs!) in RRD, presented a prize to a Ninja turtle.


In the multiple-choice section of my General Studies exam was the question “What is a Freudian slip?” The examination board showed uncharacteristic humour with option (b.) “A garment that reveals more than it conceals.” I am not brave enough to consider this new type of Freudian slip as fancy dress inspiration for a windsurf race, so this year, I thought that I might try dressing as a podium. Why? That way, I can GUARANTEE myself a podium finish!

Jackie Lambert

What will you come as? Dare you pit yourself against your kids? Come and join in with the W.T.F at the N.W.F!

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