Comments and Feedback from NWF 2013


Thank you to everyone for your amazing comments and feedback. Here are just some of the comments we received from you guys.


Debbie Akehurst

Thank you Alan what another awesome NWF, enjoyed every second


Whale Tail Retail

Dear Al
What a truly amazing weekend! We had a fabulous time in the traders field meeting great competitors, campers, visitors, shoppers and fellow friendly sellers.
Your organisation of the event, weather, location and people was proper cracking!
Whale Tail Retail x


Richard Horner & Sarah Horner.

Sarah and I had a brilliant weekend. Thank you for one of the best weekends of the year and for making it happen.

Sarah and I had a brilliant weekend. Thank you for one of the best weekends of the year and for making it happen.

Lea Spencer

Thank you Allan Cross, you put on a great (long) weekend again.

Liz Miles-Coppard

Brilliant weekend! Well done to everyone involved.. see you next year!! xx


Danielle Lucas’s

Amazing weekend, thanks Allan Cross and all involved for the hard work and commitment to watersports and the best UK event of the year for all us watersports enthusiasts.

Becky Slater

Want to say a big well done and how proud I am of Allan Cross for organising such a brilliant weekend at this years National WaterSports Festival.. What an achievement!


Ben Lee

Incredible weekend at the NWF, thanks Allan Cross for putting it all together. Same again next year!

Garry Connell

Had an excellent weekend at the national watersoprts festival at hayling island feeling total broken big thank you to Allan Cross roll on 2014

Hannah Maunder

2 days of awesome tandem racing and 2 wicked parties yet another awesome NWF. Already can’t wait for next year!


Martin Leonard

Another awesome NWF over for another year. Well done to Allan Cross again for all his hard work to make it happen. Roll on 2014


Chris Beng

Awesome weekend at the NWF! Great party, great to catch up with so many friends and even managed to get in a decent windsurf. Cheers Allan Cross

Phil Richards

NWF was awesome. Big well done to Allan Cross for making things happen.
So great to see everyone on the water having the best time.

Ashley Dawson

Excellent weekend at NWF , 1st place in the night race and 14th overall out of lots !!! Thanks to all the people who made it and thanks to Allan Cross for organising it , lets all support him and make next years the biggest and best !!!!!


Antony Todd

Had a awesome weekend at the NWF. Thank you to Allan Cross for all his time and effort organising the event..


Fi Plavenieks

Fabulous weekend at the national watersports fest, one of the best yet. Well done Allan Cross for another year of superb organisation. Now broken!

Steve England

What an amazing weekend of windsurf racing, chilling, drinking beer, partying, moshing, catching up with great mates and making new ones. Thanks to everyone who raced and partied with us. Huge thank you to Allan Cross for once again putting on a fantastic Watersports festival.


Paul Brandon

I am officially broken, two days of partying, BBQs, sun and some windsurfing thrown in has reminded me I am not 18 any more, fantastic weekend again Allan Cross so many thanks for the time, effort and risk you put in to organise it, hopefully the same again next year…

 Brian Roake

Allan this was without doubt the best ever festival, the atmosphere, involvement, the industry partners, the participants from all water-sports disciplines made this a really memorable 3 days! Excellent event Allan superbly organised and even down to the weather..looking forward to 2014!


Adam Leah

Allan, congratulations, looks like you pulled off an amazing event yet again!


Wayne Willetts

What a weekend at the national watersports festival, phew…


Marcus Antony Collins

Outstandingly unbelievable epic weekend,

The National Watersports Festival, to all my Watersports friends, Windsurfing , Kitesurfing , Stand Up Paddle boarders and Kayakers , this last weekend of the NWF was immense , the best , most professionally organised Watersports weekend I have had the pleasure of attending. My overwhelming thanks go out to Alan Allan Cross and his team.

If your into any of these sports, join the NWF fellowship and attend next year MC.


Ben Lee

Options for this story Incredible weekend at the NWF, thanks Allan Cross for putting it all together. Same again next year!


North Kites

UK Thank you Allan for a great weekend from the North Kiteboarding Team…..see you next year!!!!

Simon Vacher

An unforgettable weekend Allan Cross!! Thank you so much


Peter Hart Peter Hart Masterclass

A big thank you to all those who cam down to the NWF at Hayling. And an especially big one to those who came to listen to my clinic on Saturday morning. What a marvelous occasion. Sun by the bucket and enough wind that everyone from beginner to pro could get involved. Highlights? The auction on Friday evening raised nearly 5k for Windsurfing 4 Cancer. World freestyle champ Gollito performing a triple combination move behind the jetski IN THE DARK! Over 150 boards leaving the beach together towards the sunset for the final Masterblaster. And of course the horror-theme party about which, strangely, I remember very little. Well done Allan Cross. It’s easier to get Iran and Iraq to talk to each other than to persuade so many watersports to embrace under the same roof – but you managed it!


Andy Biggs

Well another NWF is over and I have to say that this was the best year ever! Sunday morning i walked off our stand to look out over Hayling Bay to see the kite surfing – Kayaking – Paddleboarding and Windsurfing all going on at the same time ….. Fantastic. Looking foward to next year and planning a bigger and better stand! Third year of perfect weather? I hope so.


Fran Blake

I have always said, since the days of old (and that car sticker) that Hayling is like Hawaii…OK so there’s few waves, but all the fun that was had at the NWF shows what a great place this is to live. A massive well done to Allan and his team for the weekend – great job done:)


Pierre Leroy

I had a fantastic week end. Alan, All your hard work has paid. So many peoples had a brilliant time on and off the water. With a big smile>>>I Thank you.


Gazz Parks

The best so far, as we all agree. The bigger the better, as there is plenty to do if the wind is light. The atmosphere is just so good you can’t help but have fun. The only downside was i felt, was the trade stands, the major brands, full of new kit, but seeing as there are so many kids that attend there was nobody selling t-shirts. Even us adults want to wear the brand that we sail. The pros get it, it is for sale online but this was a good opportunity for them to sell some gear. That does not however reflect on the awesome weekend that Al has yet again given us and i hope that he gets the backing he deserves for next year. We are all here Al to help in any way we can.


Kirsty Clark

I had an amazing weekend at NWF competing in my first SUP races. There was a brilliant atmosphere and everyone was having a good time. Brilliant job to Alan and his team. The only thing I would suggest for next year is more trade stands selling things. I went prepared to spend money and with the exception of food and a hoody i didn’t buy anything.


Justin Goodwin

Fantastic event. Works well with multi sport. Kids races were great again. Party DJ great. Well done Al.


Fiona Batson

It was my first NWF and absolutely enjoyed it and seeing so many people out on the water, sharing stories, experience. My back may have given way by the Sunday so didnt get to enjoy the water as much as i would have liked, however I will be back next year!!


Lorna Lou Beeson

Brilliant weekend it was our first and hopefully not our last! Agree with Gazz Parks re stalls and kids etc. One more thing we all agreed on whilst there …more port a loos or at least more maintenance of them !! Here’s to next year


Karen Battye

Fantastic, Brilliant weekend.. Will definitely not be missing next years event that’s for sure…. everyone seemed to have an awesome time so thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen…. :-))


Michelle Potter

We had the best time…my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day of taster sessions…brilliant weekend!

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