The NWF of 2011 gave ‘TEAM de Blaby’ one of its best UK outings of the year, not least because there were times when all four of us were out on the water at the same time. Rick (Dad and chief sponsor, rigger, coach and general camel) has been windsurfing for 30 years but Ed (15 years old), Harry (13 years old) and Lu (7 years old) all started windsurfing at around 6 years old, so we have a cumulative 47 years’ worth of experience in the van!

We have nearly as many sails, boards, booms and other bits of kit to cover all the options ranging from a 1.2m all the way up to a 7.5m and 75l up to 130l. Funny how Ed is pulling off duck gybes and tacks that his Dad has spent half a lifetime practising – with Harry not too far behind.


The Festival was just a great celebration of what we like doing best in one of our favourite venues, and whilst we might have liked to have had a tad more wind, in truth Lu would not have had his first race if there had been, so maybe Aeolus, the wind god, was looking out for us after all.

The event was brilliantly organised and even when little Lu was quite a way out to sea, the guys in the rescue boats were keeping a close eye on him, even though there was a secret bit of string tying him to his Dad as he doesn’t point up the wind too well in a swell! And Harry was sailing alongside playing wing man.

Big credit goes to Simon Bornhoft who has regularly coached the boys over the years and gave Ed in particular some real race tips – he fancied his chances. And Dave White’s pictures of Lu, which appeared in ‘Boards’ magazine, made him the happiest windsurfer in the world, evidence that there are no boundaries to our great sport, no matter how young you are.

NWF 2012; bring it on!

Team_Windwise_De_Blaby reduced 2 copy

Rick de Blaby

Luca de Blaby did all this without resorting to performance-enhancing substances, such as Haribos, blue Smarties and Sunny Delight.

Participation in the N.W.F really is open to everyone, regardless of age, sex, ability and equipment! If you have never experienced the thrill of racing before, never thought you could (or never even thought that you wanted to!) the N.W.F is the perfect opportunity for you to give it a go in a fun, non-intimidating ‘Out and Back’ Master Blaster format! Make 2012 the year you give it a try – we suspect, from experience, that you will be hooked!

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