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dryrobe®, the waterproof, windproof outdoor change robe, was designed by Gideon Bright, a North Devon-based surfer with over 30 years’ experience in the water.

What’s Different About dryrobe®?

Gideon tells us “The towel change robe was an established idea but it just didn’t work for me. If it was raining or if I used it when it was cold or windy it seemed to make me colder. I always had the old waterproof & windproof ‘robe’ idea in the back of my mind but didn’t really think to develop it. It took one cold winters day, stood in a car park at Croyde, in the rain with a soggy towel robe on, freezing cold for me to think, right I’m going to make something better!


I wore my first dryrobe® at Woolacombe, Devon in 2010. I knew straight away that it was good – two ladies asked where they could buy one. A bit of a weird conversation, as I was ‘mid change’ & naked in this dryrobe thing. Trust me, it feels strange talking to people like that the first time!

The dryrobe® has received high praise since its launch & has become a very familiar around car parks in the UK’s best surf spots & on the backs of the best athletes from all over the world.

It has become an essential companion for open water swim training for triathlon and virtually all outdoor sports have embraced the benefits, of staying warm while changing after racing, or just hanging about outdoors.

You might have spotted them on TV being worn by some very big names in Triathlon. (We can’t talk about that due to sponsorship issues) and many other celebrities.

Pimp Your dryrobe®

We can supply dryrobes® with your Team or Club logo emblazoned on them, or If you have your own local embroiderer or branding specialist, they will easily be able to apply your existing team, school, club or company logo to the dryrobe®. If they apply a film backing, it will ensure the waterproof properties are not compromised.


Come and see for yourself on our stand at The National Watersports Festival on 2-4th June at Rutland Water.

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