FESTIVAL FOCUS – Neptune SUPS – Paddleboards & Accessories at the NWF

We are UKs best value for money SUP paddleboard makers, supplying all round SUP boards, Surf SUPboards, WindSUP, Yoga SUPs, paddles and accessories and we are delighted to be showing our range of products at the NWF, which shares our ambition to get more people on the water.

The idea behind Neptune SUPs was simple. Create a brand; make great quality SUP boards and paddles; lose the massive mark-ups; get more people on the water!

Based on the south coast of the UK (with our Showroom on South St, Eastbourne) the sea has always been a part of our lives. Coming from a Skateboarding, Surfing and Windsurfing background from way back in the day, we have seen the SUP market grow over the last few years. It amazed us at how expensive it can be, up to £3,500 for a board, £450 for a Paddle, with nothing of any quality for less. That’s what got us thinking (or opened up a can of worms, depends of which of us you speak to). So after long talks of what’s important in choosing a SUP we came down to 3 major areas:

  1. Quality of the construction
    2. Design (oh how vain we still are)
    3. Price

What came next was a mission to fulfil all the above and bring it to market!

This led us on a quest to find the best manufacturer that would work with us on making what we now have. The company that we are using have been in the game for years, making high quality surfboards and over recent years SUP boards and Paddles (and for some of the big boys too, but we can’t mention names). The quality of the construction and attention to detail has really been one of the key ingredients to our success. They are happy to work with us and help us develop new ideas (for example our “Set to your height” Paddles).

As with any new sport, change and innovation is inevitable and we want to grow with the sport and become one of the market leaders and innovators. We have proven this with the launch in the summer of 2014 of our Mach #1 Range, which was really popular, received great reviews and taught us a lot and led to our Mach #2 range. From our original range we added a WindSUP, Yoga SUP and an ISUP (inflatable SUP) to our existing range of SUPs and will never stop with our R&D. Neptune SUPs is aware that all this manufacturing does have an effect on the environment, so we have taken steps to become one of the only SUP Board makers worldwide that is Carbon Balanced.


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