Karine and Christian attends NWF Kite 2014

Karine and Christian work together as CK Performance Clinics and Cabrinha’s European based coaching team. Mixing and evolving their subtle blend of coaching experience, teaching knowledge, along with the obvious male/female differences and formidable Anglo-Franco alliance. Together they have become one of the leading authorities on intermediate and advanced kitesurf coaching. Since 2003 they offer their guests a truly unique style of coaching and a complete method of learning and improving during their clinics at various windy spots throughout the year and around the globe.

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As technique editors for IKSURFMAG they have an ever expanding bible of homework available for free online. With over 130 variations and moves regularly nudging kiters along with their popular articles, whether it be old school big air tricks, cheeky transitions, hooked and unhooked freestyle, or strapless surfboard skills.


This year Karine and Christian have firmly inked in the National Watersports Festival and are looking forward to their coaching sessions over the weekend.

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SurfBoard Tack: http://youtu.be/0hwOi6HA8yA

Back to Wrapped: http://youtu.be/7-YWXtXOpA4

Raley to Blind: http://youtu.be/kdLhH4N-5so





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