Keith Atkinson attends NWF Junior 2014

Keith Atkinson who is 12 x British Windsurfing Champion and BBC SE Watersports Personality of The Year Award winner, will be attending the NWF Junior.

keith Atkinson
Keith Said: “ I’ve been windsurfing since I was 6 years old, and racing since I was 12, Every time i’m on the water there’s something new to learn. I’ve tried so many different sports, nothing comes close to Windsurfing. Competing at events all over the UK and abroad is so exciting and will give you memories that last forever including amazing experiences. No matter whether it’s a club, regional, national or international event , there is no other sport that gives me the same diversity, or the same enjoyment as Windsurfing. I love helping kids realise their dreams and I hope to influence them to understand how amazing windsurfing is! 
Keith is Sponsored by: North Sails, Fanatic Boards, ION, F-HOT, Bray Watersports
keith atkinson 2
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