Moo Custom NWF Board

Ive heard that if you own a custom board you will never look back! However, if you are like me… Are you sure you know what really want and explain the characteristics of the board you require?  I must admit I had grieve concerns of quantifying any of the above. But 3 months ago with the help from Jon at Moo Custom I started this process with a few introductory enquires and before I know it, I had bitten the bullet and  committed myself and a new board was on order, but not any old looking board a NWF Livery board.  (Exciting)

Well, its now in the final stages and what I can tell you to date its full carbon 102 ltr 64cm Single/Thruster with a slight bias to my style/like with a rocker stick 2. Hand crafted in the finest matreiels and weighs all in at 6kg.  Plus with the assistance of Geoff Hautman on the graphic design I now have a mock up of what the board will look like.

NWF tail logonew


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