New 2011 Starboard Toys at NWF

Starboard’s UK importers Tushingham are spoiling you for choice with the hottest new wave shapes for 2011 covering the widest spectrum. The NWF is your golden opportunity to check out the entire 2011 collection and a perfect time to grill the experts on the hottest new developments from the world’s leading board brand.

Compare the latest multi-fin wave shapes, including the re-born Evo, the upgraded Quad and the electric new Kode. Discover exactly how Bjorn Dunkerbeck’s influence has boosted the new iSonic collection and see up close the lightweight adaptable Slot Box fin system.

With a stunning selection of shapes covering every discipline, whatever your windsurfing experience, the Starboard presence at the NWF is sure to stir plenty of excitement right as the windy season is kicking in!

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