New NWF Team Rider Jackie Lambert

I am really stoked to have Jackie on board as a NWF Team Rider, many will know her or maybe not as the lady behind the script. Jackie is the regular article writer and blogger for the NWF site with her very creative mind,  she has been instrumental in the development and promotion of the NWF concept for the last 18 months.  She is an inspiration and obviously very passionate about her windsurfing,  but also one who enjoys making a strong contribution to the NWF intermediate community.

Name: Jackie Lambert

Expertise: Windsurfing

Discipline: Freeride. I dabble with Waves

Sailing Location: Christchurch is my local spot, but depending on conditions, I will happily drive an hour or so in either direction to Calshot, Portland or anywhere in between. I love a road trip and have windsurfed in exotic destinations, such as Norfolk.

Additional Interests: I love skiing, particularly in the back-country. I share my life with a big black guy called Billy, the hungry horse. I love the outdoors and am a keen walker, mountaineer and off-road cyclist.

How many years have you supported NWF: Two. I am a late-developer who didn’t realise what I was missing!

Why do you support it: I am not your archetypal Team Rider; I started windsurfing in my late 30s and this year, my hubby Mark and I reach our joint centenary. I am an ordinary, intermediate windsurfer who wobbles about on the South Coast, but what I lack in ability I make up for with determination, commitment and enthusiasm! Windsurfing has brought so much joy into my life; I want to help others to share and experience that. I understand the intermediate’s dilemma – balancing ordinary life with a consuming passion and desire to improve. The NWF is about everybody having fun and giving it a go, regardless of age, gender or ability. Why do I support it? It’s a blast – and it’s all about intermediates, like ME!

Favourite saying: “It’s better to burn out than fade away!” and “If I can, anyone can!”

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