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“This is the 11th NWF and I’ve been to 9 of them, we didn’t really know what to expect with a wholesale venue change but the event was fantastic. Whether you are a pro level SUP or windsurf person there is truly a lot for everyone and in a very friendly , fun and relaxed environment too. I’ll be going next year and I’ll be taking my family.”

“If you’ve never been, then go. If you’ve been before, tell your friends to go. It’s that good an event that it’s going to take some serious reasoning not to make it ….. and the new venue sure ticks a lot of boxes for making it an accessible family friendly arena for watersports whatever the conditions Mother Nature delivers.”

“What a fantastic weekend! Well done to everybody involved. The meticulous planning that went into everything really paid off. From start to finish there was an awesome atmosphere and the beautiful setting on the North shore of Rutland Water only added to the magic. The bands were also superb. Special mention for the excellent bar staff as well who kept everybody lubricated and entertained all weekend. Also a big shout out for the wicked pizza stand, I managed 4 somehow in 2 evenings! Looking forward to NWF 2018!”

“Loved it last year ….loved it even more this ! I think it’s safe to say the SUP North contingent will be even bigger in 2018. Big thanks to Mark Price and the Central SUP crew for running the SUP comps and I look forward to seeing the break down of the club results ( I think we won the fancy dress so that’s 10 points each and the first 11 places ..the average is good!). Allan thanks for putting on such a fabulous event. June 8th 2018 feels too long before we do it all again.”

Fantastic weekend, great new venue. 
Loads of different activities to try or compete in (even if you’ve never competed before). Something for everyone from newbies to more experienced competitors plus partying with great bands. Great opportunity to learn from experts, meet members of different clubs, and check out the different brands. If this all sounds too exhausting there was also plenty of opportunities to just sit down, enjoy the weather and watch the activities. The firework display was a lovely addition to the weekend. 
Team camping was a fantastic upgrade from Hayling but the event was also well set up for day visitors. Looking forward to 2018 NWF.

“My first ever experience of racing and what an experience – ill definitely be coming back for more master blasters! Thanks”

“the kids had an awesome time at the festival. Camping was fun and all the activities for the kids were great. you’re not wrong when you say its a family festival”

“thanks to the NWF team for putting on another fab festival for the windsurfing and sup community!”


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The National Windsurfing Festival is a great event to soak up the atmosphere, action and joy of windsurfing. It’s all about getting out there on the water. Whether its just having a sail or trying some very accessible fun racing right off the beach, for recreational and pro sailors, NWF is well worth putting in the diary!

Simon Bornhoft

The National S.U.P. Festival is a rare opportunity to bring the country’s leading competitors together with recreational stand up paddleboarders. It’s the perfect environment to not only show and demo the latest gear but also share knowledge and skills with anyone keen to improve.
Set at an accessible location and boosted by a great party the festival has all the ingredients round off an exciting summer of S.U.P. in the UK with a bang!

Paul Simmons

“The Hayling Windsurfing Event is one of the most pro-active windsurfing events on the British Calendar. It offers windsurfers, the public, and the pro’s the opportunity to compete, spectate, and enjoy windsurfing at it’s best. The unique aspect of the event is the spectrum of windsurfers it caters for. It appeals to beginners all the way to pro’s and It caters for all windsurfers regardless of their choice discipline. Unlike most events it is not 100% dictated by the weather, if there is no wind there is still plenty to see and watch with the latest gear and tips from the top. All in all it is a great showcase for british windsurfing and one that we are very pleased to support and be a part of.”

Murray Saunders

The former FF festival has lit a flame under recreational windsurfing. It helped revive the great spirit of the 80s where festival events such as the Round Hayling, the Fosters, and Round Mersea were geared around mass participation, personal achievement and huge camaraderie. If anything the FF event has done it even better. The beach clinics, the trade presence and the pro demo events have ensured that wind or no wind, there’s a constant buzz. The FF event has locked onto the simple fact that windsurfers above all want to have a bit of fun.

Peter Hart

National Windsurfing Festival is firmly in our calendars every year and we arrange our holidays around it. Last year we went to Holland and came back via Hayling Island for the festival! It is literally the social event of the year! I absolutely love it, it’s a great event. It’s a great festival for everybody that just simply loves windsurfing. You don’t have to be a professional (they have their own fleet), all you need is some kit and some pain killers – because I can guarantee you, you will have face-ache from smiling so much.
I was definitely not taking part, but it was an amazing sight as competitors began to get away from the beach and sail off into the distance to the buoy and back. I felt so disappointed with myself that I hadn’t had a go, so when the next race was announced, let me tell you, I was down there getting prime spot on the beach!
I didn’t win, but I didn’t come last! But I did have the biggest smile on my face from all the 400 competitors and I felt I should have won a prize for that alone. Yes!!! I have just finished my first ever windsurf race!!!!! I think I managed another two races that day before I ran out of puff; the great thing about NWF is you can do as many races as you like. There is no certainly no pressure from anybody, you do as you want. I couldn’t wait for the Sunday to do it all again!
So Ladies (and Gents) if you have never been, then come on, give it a go. Don’t be scared about the word RACE like I was… Even if you’re a beginner as long as you can get around a simple course (doesn’t matter if you wobble or fall off a trillion times like I did) then it’s for you!!!! Its all about taking part and having lots of fun – and it really is.

Laura Jurgens – NWF Competitor

The event of the year! Come rain or shine, calm or gale, Young or old, Pro sailor or novice this event has something for everyone.
From Tips from the old masters to watching the races and dreaming about all the new kit in the trade tent or trying it off the beach.
This is why its the only event we book in the diary for the following year as we finish packing up after the weekend.
The event that happens what ever the weather !

Andy Biggs

The NWF is a great event as it is so amazing to see so many widnsurfers all enjoying our great sport and just keeping it simple by sailing as fast as they can and hopefully hitting some corners. People are psyched for it the whole year and it keeps them motivated to do well at their next NWF. Long live THE NWF and a huge thanks goes out to all those involved in organising it.


Over 400 windsurfers indulging in their hobby for a whole weekend !! What a great event for us as a distributor to show what’s new, what’s changed and tempt those taste buds. This event shows how much life and enthusiasm still exists in the sport and brings together a great bunch of people.

Wouter Ardern

The National Windsurfing Festival has taken UK windsurfing to another level. I love the concept of a fun style racing event but with the mixture of the Pros into the event.
The first time I entered this event was to compete in the 1st ever night super-x race which was absolutely mind blowing and I have done some pretty radical things in my time but this was high up there near the top of them. It really is amazing to be a part of such an event which caters for over 400 windsurfers of all levels in a racing environment and I must say Allan has set the standard very high but somehow keeps producing the results every year. For myself in a new side of the windsurfing industry this is about as good as it gets to showcase our products to the masses as these guys who come to compete in this event are the perfect audience for my Brands. Another thing I feel we seem to have missed a little of late is the general camaraderie and social side of windsurfing and this is such a great way to revitalize this again. You can count on the Baker family being present as well as my products: North, Fanatic and ION.

Nik Baker

The NWF is the ONE event in the calendar not to miss, because it is THE best exhibition our sport has in the UK, bar none. Nuff said!

Tris Best

The Hayling event has to be the best event of the year for getting every windsurfer together. It’s not just the Pro’s, but everyone. There are wavesailors, slalom sailors, recreational sailors, beginners, advanced, club sailors, student sailors… the list goes on and on. Plus of course there are all the brands showing off their latest toys. It really is a one in a million event and a must do for any windsurf on the south coast or in the whole country. Whether there is a windy forecast or not, there is always loads going on, both on and off the water.


John Skye

The whole event was a great success and several hundred competitors spent the whole weekend walking around with smiles on their faces. I cannot wait for the next one in September.

Bruce Cotsell

The NWF philosophy is to have simple out and back master blaster type races. They are VERY simple and any windsurfer that can sail from A to B can compete. The only rule is that you must go round the bouy! It is super duper easy to enter the racing and I guarantee after your first race, you will be hooked on the NWF.

The party is epic. The only down side is that it isn’t long enough! The vibe is the one standout thing. It is incredible to see and feel the buzz of those on the beach. (I come with) a handful of mates and even a couple that have no connection with the sport. They come purely for the craic.

Colin Jurgens