NWF Fashion Having A Whale of A Time

Retro surf inspired casual fashion brand Whale Of A Time Clothing will be bringing their fresh collection to our festival for the first time and they have some great style tips to share..

Choose clothes that make you feel great and are comfortable.You don’t have to compromise on style as our collection of relaxed basics prove!

Don’t be dictated to by size labels. Our collection offers a loose unisex fit but other brands may come up smaller so try garments on and if they don’t fit, then go up or down a size if need be.

The ‘Athleisure’ fashion story is a big one for summer but you don’t have to go exclusively for sports brands. Our sporty stripes give you the right feel for this big trend with a cool preppy overtone.

If your wardrobe is lacking in colour but you ‘don’t do colour’ then adding a garment with detail such as a pattern or print can make the difference, even if you are not venturing far from black or grey it will add some interest to your wardrobe.

Sounds like great advice to us!

Drop by, meet the team and check out their new summer collection!


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