NWF meets Defi Wind Final day 4

Day 4

Well, last night the locals came onto the site area and fed us mussels and then a barbecue as the locals really get behind this event as their high light of the year, maybe I should ask the locals on Hayling for the same sort of service….. It was also the last nights worth of entertainment as witnessed by my van rocking at 3am with he bass from the rave, boy it was well load, obviously James now on his 5th Defi trip was well equipped with his ear buds….. One of the critical points about participating in Defi has to be kit choice and tuning,  24 miles is a pretty long way when you get it wrong and this must be one of the major factors of fatigue, plus how many times do you average over 50 miles daily on the water……

Day 4

We have one scheduled race later this morning and looking at the carpark many have already left to no doubt miss much of the French bank holiday traffic, as Ive released that our ferry is actually 05.30hrs Monday morning, so we will be driving through the night as the port is average 12 hrs away…. Looking outside the window and it already looks pretty damn windy and its only 0734hrs, there certainly seems to be less urgency this morning but in all fairness many have left their kit tied to the many flag poles on the beach, so they will probably have the dig their kit out form the sand dunes which seem to appear on your kit within a very short period….

Day 4 1

Going into the last Day and James is 17th overall, whilst I am in the 300 hundreds hardly surprising after no results from the last 2 races….  The moto work hard play hard doesn’t apply to me this week, more like, work hard sleep hard if given the opportunity certainly applies….   My arms feel like their 3 inches longer and my body feels like its been steam rollered and feeling pretty battered and bruised after my sand bank issue yesterday…..   Must admit I am in two minds heading out for the last race, if I knew exactly what sail and board combo to rig that might convince me, but the thought of a rig frenzy over 1 race and the derigging and van pack required to get us off site in a reasonable time doesn’t inspire me plus the overnight drive….

day 4.2

When I compare the 2 events NWF & Defi its a difficult one, I reckon the NWF is a more festival feel of windsurfing/watersports whilst the Defi is all about the race and a pretty hard corp one at that…..

day 4.4

So have I enjoyed the experience, yes would I do it again certainly, but with more prep if you really wanted to race the whole competition, but if you want to just come and participate, enjoy the vibe then I would recommend it to anyone…..


day 4.6

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