NWF needs your 2018 nominations!

NWF Awards

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for this year’s awards.  The team have now reviewed all the entries and created a short list.

What happens now?

You will have a couple of weeks to read through the short lists for both Windsurfing and SUP before an online vote will open.  The person / club with the most votes will be presented with an award Saturday evening at NWF.

How do I vote?

The vote has now closed! The winners will be announced at 1215 on Saturday 9th June at NWF.

How was the short list generated?

While we had a number of nominations this year, we unfortunately had to exclude a number for a couple of reasons:

  • Nominees won the award last year
  • Lack of detail in regards why the nominee was being nominated

At present we do also do not have enough nominations for “Young Person” award.  We really would like to encourage the next generation by recognising their achievements, but to do this we need your help by nominating people!  To try and ensure they do not miss out, if you feel a youth deserves being recognised (note: they can’t have won last year), please email fiona@nwfevents.co.uk

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