NWF Speed Challenge 2015 Summary


What a great weekend for the inaugural NWF Speed Challenge hosted by Tris @ OTC.

We had a total of 21 participates. I was hopeful of more, but nevertheless it
was a good warmer in the bank and we certainly learnt from it…. Especially
the GPS quirky related issues associated with such an event.

The NWF Team consisted of:

Tris and staff

Pete Davis

Andy Stallman

Quickly recruited Michael George

On the Saturday we had sunshine and winds 30+ plus knots in the non friendly
easterly winds. Looked more like a wave event than speed… It was great to
witness the fleet taking to the water and yes there where some normal speed
names on the nominal role, thanks for their support your team riders…. But the
majority of the fleet were first timers to the speed scene plus the 6 kids
under 16 yrs who did themselves proud.

Even though the fleet was small by NWF standards, it proved to me that there is
certainly an appetite for this type of event , which kick starts the season off.
Whilst we concentrated on GPS Windsurfing this year, the title is “Speed
Challenge” and could mean many things in addition to GPS: harbour dash, slalom
and additional disciplines including Sup etc.

Lots of pics on the NWF FB page.  However, a small selection

Results attached overall champion was the fastest speed ave, from both days over

Overall Winner Matthew York SB & Point 7

Ladies Winner Zara Davis RRD Simmer

Under 16s

Scott Stallman OTC

Team Winners OTC

Scotty Stallman

Sam Anstey

James Faley

Reed Russell

Family Team Winners

Alan Russel

Reed Russel

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