Old Mout Cider Sponsors NWF

NWF are very excited to announce that Old Mout Cider will be sponsoring the 10th Anniversary party!

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Making fruit more useful…
It all started on a cycling trip to England when Wanda Tait sampled the local Scrumpy and her taste buds fell in love. On her return to Nelson she set up the cidery in a shed, and OLD MOUT was born. And ever since then people have been mispronouncing our name.

Justin & Scottie, two pioneering young fellows with a passion for cider and giving new ideas a go, then took over. The adventurous duo, who were inspired by amazing island fruits, developed a range of award winning flavours in New Zealand. New OLD MOUT fruity combinations are now available to enjoy in the UK.

Follow the Kiwi…
Born in the little country with the big attitude, that’s New Zealand to our friends, OLD MOUT is a unique range of flavoured ciders. We’ve been finding ways to make fruit more useful for over 65 years. Discover more about our ciders and get the Kiwi taste for adventure.

A taste for adventure…
OLD MOUT (rhymes with fruit) was dreamed up in New Zealand’s Moutere Valley, over 65 years ago. The country has always been a playground for the naturally adventurous. Our passion and energy for life inspires us to create unique flavour combinations that take only the best from nature.

Today we’re just as passionate about making cider and we’re bringing OLD MOUT and a little bit of that Kiwi spirit to the UK.

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