Privacy Policy

We aim to provide you with transparency when it comes to how we store your data which is outlined below. Most importantly to us we want you to enjoy using the website and enjoy the festival without having your privacy compromised in any way.

You have the right to access, change or delete your personal information at any time. To do this, simply contact us.

Collection of information

For entrants of the National Watersports Festival the information you provide us with is gathered to allow you to safely and fully attend our festival and provide us with the information we need to provide you with the event you’ve paid for. It also allows us to contact you for event notifications and safety reasons. For the purpose of co-ordinating the event at Rutland Water, staff at Rutland Water who work in collaboration with the NWF will temporarily need access to this information.

Information you provide us with:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medical conditions

Windsurfing related information:

  • Windsurfing event categories you have entered
  • UKWA insurance number

SUP related information:

  • SUP event category you have entered and clinic interests
  • Sup club you are a member of

Information we collect through our website via third parties

We use the following third party tools on our website:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google DFP (Double Click for publishers)
  • ‘All in One WordPress Security’ An internal firewall software
  • Barclaycard Payment Solution
  • Mailchimp mailing software

Google Analytics is used to improve website performance and monitor website usage. It records the following anonymous data from your usage: website browser, the pages you read, your device, IP address, internet connection and your approximate location is inferred from the IP Address.

Google DFP (Double click for publishers) uses anonymous data to monitor unique views of the home page advert.

All in One WordPress Security stores IP addresses within our website database to allow blocking features for bots and other non-friendly web traffic.

When you make a payment for entry to the National Watersports Festival Event, this is carried out on the PCI compliant Barclaycard servers in a GDPR compliant way. We never receive your payment details.

Mailchimp will be used to send out newsletters or bulletins and in such cases will contain your email address and name for this purpose.

How we use your information

We only use your entry information to:

  • Fulfil your entry in to the National Watersports Festival.
  • To manage customer service queries and complaints
  • To send you administrative emails about your entry, changes or notifications to the event and if relevant any new policies that apply. This communication is essential for the entry in to the National Watersports Festival.

Other ways we use information collected by the above third party software

The information gathered by the third party tools are used to:

  • Help us improve our customer and user experience when using the website
  • When you make a payment on our website, your payment is processed by a specialist payment processor to ensure a secure transaction.
  • To detect fraud, security related purposes, IP infringement, crime and other security issues

You have the right to object to any of the above uses of this information. Please contact us if you wish to do so. We will consider all objections reasonably, but there may be legal reasons where we deem that use of your information is still appropriate. This will be explained to you in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the collection, use, and disclosure of information by these third parties are described in their own privacy policies, and consequently may differ from that set out in our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for those third party privacy policies, and you should ensure that you have read and understood all applicable privacy policies before proceeding.

Information retention policy

The information related to the entry of the National Watersports Festival is stored securely in a database and we hold all information until we’ve been able to fulfill our service to you. With a planned final deletion date of 6 months after the event.

Individuals who explicitly sign up for our newsletter will have their email and name stored until a time at which we feel it is no longer required or is asked to be removed.

Keeping your information safe

We take information security seriously and have policies and procedures in place to ensure the information we hold on you remains safe. We limit who has access to your information to long term trusted team members to keep your information availability restricted and safe.


Cookies are small files that are created in your web browser when you visit any of our websites. They are used to make your online experience better and are used to remember preferences. All cookies have expiration dates in them that determine how long they stay in your browser:

  • Session cookies – these are temporary cookies used for granting access to content and persisting information between web pages.
  • Persistent cookies – these usually have an expiration date and stay in your browser until they expire or you delete them.

What type of cookies does the National Watersports Festival use?

Essential cookies. These are used for regular operation of the website, such as allowing the totals of your event entry order to be persisted between pages, for carrying out fraud detection and security checks.

Analytics. These cookies are used for performance measurement to understand things including how many people visit our websites, how they navigate our sites, and what content is popular. This allows us to improve your experience with us.

We restrict third party cookies to trusted partners such as Google Analytics, for the home page only Doubleclick (Google) and our security software All in one WordPress Security. None of them track personal information.

How can I delete or opt-out of cookies?

You can opt out of cookies at any time by visiting the settings tab of your browser and preventing the use of cookies either for a website on an individual basis or for all websites. These in-built browser tools typically includes additional detail on the types of cookies used, what information is being collected and for what purpose.

If you want to delete or disable other cookies you can follow this external reference, see:


Facebook Application For Entry We use this application to request permission to post directly to your timeline a confirmation that you have entered the NWF watersports event. You get to choose whether you use it or not.

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