Prize Fund Announced for UKWA Slalom Series 4 at Clacton Sea and Beach Festival

Prize Fund Announced for UKWA Slalom Series 4 at Clacton Sea and Beach Festival

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of June 2016, UKWA (United Kingdom Windsurfing Association) will be hosting Round 4 of its National Slalom Race Series at Clacton Sea and Beach Festival.

The Slalom Racing will form part of the Clacton Festival’s inaugural International/National Watersports Championships, which consists of Kite, SUP and Windsurfing. There will be a range of categories to suit all abilities, from novice and amateur to professional.

This is the 2nd year of the Clacton Sea and Beach Festival, which attracted over fifty thousand visitors in 2015. With its carnival atmosphere, live music and huge variety of activities to entertain visitors besides the spectacular action on the water, there will certainly be plenty to do and see throughout the weekend.

There is a £2000 prize fund for the windsurf racing, which will be distributed as follows;

Professional Fleet

1st £750

2nd £500

3rd £250

4th £100

5th £50

Amateur Fleet 

1st £75

2nd £50

3rd £25

Ladies Fleet

£150 prize money will be distributed depending on which ladies categories take place over the weekend.

In order to compete, sailors must be a current member of the UKWA or a non-UK resident who is a member of either their national windsurfing association or an ISAF Member. Temporary UKWA membership may be extended to all fleets once only and to Master Blaster competitors (any kit, starting from the beach) repeatedly.

Further details on UKWA membership, race entry and discounts for pre-entry can be found at

Any further info regarding The Sea & Beach Festival at Clacton can be found at and promotional video

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