Sam Light attends NWF Kite 2014

Sam Light from Oneil and Slingshot will be attending this years NWF Kite and will be conducting various clinics throughout the weekend with other industry pro riders. Plus they will be participating in the Fri Kite Night Park….. Check out the Distinction video and see these guys in action, gives you a good insight on what to expect off the new CBK kicker at NWF Kite 2014.

DSC_8792-001 copy sam light

DSC_9857 - sam light Photo Credit - Mo Lelli copy

Pic credited to Mo Lelli

Sports: Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Coaching
Discipline: Freestyle, Wakestyle
Sponsors: Slingshot Sports, O’Neill, Liquid Leisure
Career Highlights: British Junior Champion, British Pro Champion, 2x Triple S Wakestyle Champion, 1st Russian Rail Masters, 1st Hood River Ro Sham, 3rd Redbull King of the air.

More info regarding NWF Kite can be found at #nwfhayling,#samlight,#cbk,#slingshot,#Oneil








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