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What Type (Make / Model / Registration Year.)
Volkswagen Camper, Type 2, 1971

Name – go on, what is her pet name?!
The Wiki Wiki Bus – Its Hawaiian for the speedy speedy bus. Which is what they call the airport buses in Honolulu. Me and my wife were on one, and just loved the name (and the bus has stink too!)

NWF Adam Sturdy 1 copy

What is she used to carry and how?
I suppose I’m in the very early stages (a bit later in my life) of getting the van into the stage of carrying gear as I only got into Kitesurfing last summer, so I’ve brought the big roof rack for throwing stuff on. I got it so it can fit a kite board, a couple of kites, and an a SUP.
A part from that it carries, my lovely wife, my awesome two kids, and my desperate need to try and stay young!

NWF Adam Sturdy 2 copy

Can you sleep in her / How many does she sleep?
Hmmm, well we can fit the whole family inside (4). It has a double bed, so those can fill up, but we’re all able to squeeze in (there is a bunk over the front seats two for kids)

STAND BY YOUR VAN – In under 300 words, tell us the main things that make your van stand out from the crowd. You may want to include things like;
I had met my now wife, then girlfriend in America (lads week in Las Vegas – long story) and she had come over to visit me. I was thinking of ways things to do when she was visiting, and to hope that she thought I was cool, so we went to a VW festival. It was an awesome weekend, but on the final day I thought it would be great for us to have a van to escape and travel around (and hopefully lure her over to europe). So, a deal was struck with the over of this van (which actually involved me putting the deposit down for him on another van) and a long and expensive hobby started!

IMG_0126 copy

We go away loads in the van, fit used to be for VW festivals, but now only for holidays by the beach. Since I started kitesurfing last summer, it seems like destiny as the perfect get away van.

It has a funky little interior with a bed, heater, cooker, sink, play station etc. To cope with all the sand from the beach we have a removable floor. It is the third interior that we have had in the van, and we think we have hit the jackpot this time after owning the van for 12 years. It’s also on its 3rd engine too, but we think we have got that right now too. I like a little bit of go with my show, so the engine is a custom build racing engine and gearbox combo. All the running gear is custom including front brakes from a porsche 911. I’ve tried air suspension on the front, and it didn’t work, but I’ll try again.

NWF Adam Sturdy 3 copy

We use the bus for lots of weekends in the year, and have been to France lots of times, and other trips to Italy, Switzerland and Germany.


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