With all that Van Love about, it was a tough decision for the judges to decide on the Vanguard of vans.

Using a van-load of strange algorithms – taking into account innovation, The 3 P’s (prettiness, practicality, pimping) value for money and public opinion – our Van-ity computer has come up with a winner . And it is…



colin 1

A beaten up beast brought back to life, ‘Mega Van’ was hand-fitted-out by her owner with lurve, 2 king size beds – and feckin’ disco lights FFS!!! She is a home from home with two hobs, a fridge, a heater and a pull-out shower as well as the capacity for kit, crew and a 7 person dry debrief, but the outrageous pimping don’t stop on the inside. For a standard, white-van-man Sprinter, she looks pretty gangsta with tinted windows, fat bumpers and glorious graphics! You can see for yourself how a sad Sprinter can be given a new lease of lifestyle at NWF in the Stand By Your Van Winners Enclosure!

Our Runners Up (in alphabetical order) are…

<Vrrrrum roll>


front side 2 copy

An iconic VW Transporter T5 LWB, Blue’s ingenious interior is hand-built to make maximum use of the relatively small space available to provide both camping comfort and capacious carriage for tons of toys. Despite a few understated bodywork features, ‘Blue’ looks smart but unassuming from the outside. Inside, however, ‘Blue’ houses a heater, hob, water tank, shower, a drop down TV, sound system and floodlights for after- dark outside activity (ie de-rigging!) as well as a sealed wet box. Much of the interior can be removed so that ‘Blue’ can also be used as, well, a van!


steve van 2

A VW Transporter Kombi LWB, ‘Surfbus’ is practical, but extremely stylish and comfortable. Her sleek exterior, with alloys and subtle surf stickers hardly hints at the VWonders that lie within; Vee Dub clock, cushions, cups and mirror, plus a skim-board table, all illuminated with remote-controlled LED lights. The essentials are there – a hob, a double bed, a remote-controlled sliding door (?!) but where is the gear? The style and comfort has not compromised the carriage; there is out-of-sight storage for windsurfing gear and a rack for bikes. ‘Surfbus’ is a chic Van for All Seasons, used for family holidays, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and day trips.


Well done to our winners, although really, none of the vans who entered were really vanquished. Each one is cherished has been lovingly fitted out to suit the specific needs and lifestyle of their owners. And at the end of the day, all of us van-owners are winners. Karl Wright summed it up in his entry; “Remember, life is like the sea – as vast as you can imagine, as deep as you can think. Don’t waste time measuring your life. Instead, explore, search for new harbours as you pass though phases of your life. Make friends at each destination and enjoy your journey.”

With our lifestyles and our vans, all this vast vanorama of the ocean is open to us!


Jackie Lambert

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