Welcome to the NWF Van competition.  This is your chance to Stand By Your Van – and tell the world you love her (and why!)

We want to know what attention you have lavished on your pride and joy to customise her into the perfect, multi-functional watersports vehicle.

van 3

To enter your van, we need you to submit the information below plus 3 photos showing off the exterior and interior to best advantage. The winners will not necessarily be the ones which have had the most money spent, but the most innovative, practical and multi-functional design. We will, however, award bonus points for prettiness, outrageous pimping and paint jobs – and if your description makes us laugh!

We will publish the best on the NWF website. There are prizes to be had and if your van makes the grade, she may receive an invitation to a Van Beauty Pageant at this year’s NWF!

Van 1

Tell us about your van;

  1. What Type (Make / Model / Registration Year.)
  2. Name – go on, what is her pet name?!
  3. What is she used to carry and how?
  4. Can you sleep in her / How many does she sleep?
  5. STAND BY YOUR VAN – In under 300 words, tell us the main things that make your van stand out from the crowd. You may want to include things like;
    1. Why did you choose this van?
    2. What do you love most about your van?
    3. ‘Pimp my Van’ – what extras does she have? The interior layout / racking and how it was constructed; who did the work? how much did it cost and how long did it take?
    4. Do you have any interesting stories involving your van? Remember there are bonus points to be had for entertainment value as well as practicality!
    5. Anything else you want to tell us!

Your Name

Your e mail address (will not be published)

Then forward with associated pics to Allan Cross at

We have a lovely wooden trophy to be awarded to the winner at the festival kindly donated by Wayne from

logo copy


Plus we have a couple of runner up prizes been kindly donated by those nice guys at

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