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TEAM = “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In business, we know that there is no “I” in Team; it is less ME and more WE and, of course, with the startling exception of the England World Cup team, Teamwork USUALLY divides the task and multiplies the success…!

There is generally also a whole lot more fun to be had when you share things with a few buddies or join a team, which is why NWF is particularly encouraging teams to participate this year. Team participation has always been a feature of the NWF. Let’s face it, there is a lot to be said for sharing the travel and the fun with people you know, camping and partying with like-minded renegades – or maybe bringing along a sensible person who will keep you out of trouble…! It is also an opportunity to represent your club at a National event, with all the elation, prizes and everlasting fame and glory that success in the races will bring!

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I entered my first ever windsurf race at the NWF last year and it was certainly being a member of Team Ladies Who Launch which gave me the confidence to get out there – and surprisingly, I didn’t actually make as big an a*** of myself as I thought! As a team, we helped each other find our way around the rather uncomplicated entry process, gave each other advice and encouragement on the start line, chatted on the way round the buoy, sympathised when we fell in and cheered each other on as we sprinted for the finish. Being part of a team was exponentially more fun than competing alone, not least because we could also follow the team rankings as well as our performance as individuals. This gave us even more opportunity to win one of the many prizes and a coveted NWF trophy!

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Team Ladies Who Launch was the diametric opposite of Brogborough, who come en masse to NWF every year with specially printed Team T shirts. We Ladies had actually never Launched together before and our team was newly formed on the day!  If you want to know more detail on how to get a large club or team to the NWF, Brogborough’s blog gives lots of helpful information http://nationalwatersportsfestival.com/brogborough-windsurfing-club-prepares-once-again-for-nwf-road-trip-5-7-sept-2104/

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Carl Jung identified the Road Trip as a “persistent element of human culture.” Steppenwolf ordered “Get your motor running… head out on the highway…” So sort out that playlist; Gather the Gang and Go for it – the ultimate road trip to the NWF!

Jackie Lambert

Online entry is now open. All entries received before 1st August 2014 will secure a free NWF T Shirt/Rash Vest and the opportunity to purchase an NWF Hoody for the special price of £22 for collection at the festival.

If you want to know how Jackie got on in her first ever race at NWF last year, check out http://nationalwatersportsfestival.com/my-nwf-how-was-it-for-you/

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