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Ricky’s Tale

“…the new guys coming into our (or any sport) are the future! … I wanted them to compete and feel like they COULD do this…!”

Ricky Wooding coached Kerry Hance, who won prizes in her FIRST EVER WINDSURF RACE at her FIRST EVER NWF! Kerry featured in our previous blog “I am not good enough to participate or compete – OH YES YOU ARE!”

Ricky says “I wanted to express my own view of the Rutland Water event held by Allan and the NWF team…”

So over to you, Ricky!

“I started racing in 2003 and stopped in 2008. I was nowhere near the top sailors of the time, however, I could hold my own…

I have windsurfed since 1993 and have never stopped windsurfing. I have kept the passion all this time – and I’m still not showing signs of giving it up! I guess it keeps you feeling young…

Following my racing career, a number of things led to me to start my very own windsurf training centre; Minster Windsurf Academy on the Isle of Sheppey, Essex. It is a perfect spot to learn and we pride ourselves on our hands-on training; teaching brand new Windsurfers – along with Paddle Boarding and Kayak Hire.








I have taught many new guys; taking them from their very first steps to intermediate. Kerry is no exception – with her sheer determination to do at least as good as the rest…

The NWF has always been a great event for my students. They get to see what the sport is really about – and have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best sailors in the world, too!

The questions that they always ask about the NWF are “It’s too hard!” “They are so good – I can’t achieve it!” “It’s for the top guys, I won’t be good enough…” and so on. I think you get the picture…

Well, for me, the new guys coming into our (or any sport) are the future! So I was really keen to check out the new date and the new venue at Rutland water. I also brought a few new Windsurfers with me, along with some not-so-new and more experienced, to check it out. We wanted to try out some of the new kit that the Trades had on offer to use and try. And of course, I wanted them to compete and feel like they COULD do this…!

I must say that the NWF didn’t let me down. It was easy for my students to get onto the water – and more importantly, to come back! There was a constant, great buzz, with lots of racing and lots to do and see. For me, it was a huge success. My new Windsurfers did amazingly well; Roy Goodwin and the up-and-coming Kerry Hance had a ball. Missing only one race, Kerry managed to get a podium finish in three of her four races! (Many thanks to Ross Williams for the loan of his Tabou board and GA sails.) Kerry was second and third consecutively in her Senior class. She was well stoked and was buzzing – she was grinning from ear to ear!

The Legend that is Simon Bornohoft was ever ready with his great racing tips (and many other tips) – as well as having some fun himself with top giveaways… I even got a few tips myself!

The Top Guys – well they seemed to be having lots of fun too… It was a real ‘let your hair down’ event in every way… And everyone made us feel welcome.

I am really looking forward to next year’s NWF. It gets bigger and bigger every year and, especially now that I know what to expect, I will enjoy it a lot more!”

 Minster Windsurf Academy is opposite Shingle Bank Beach in Minster, Kent. Tel:
07713122068. Details are on Facebook

 Join Ricky, Kerry and the NWF Team at this year’s NWF. You ARE good enough to compete – that is what the NWF is all about!

 We would love to hear your thoughts on the NWF. If you want to share your story or experience, please email allan@nwfevents.co.uk


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