The all inclusive NWF Windsurfing Format

The all inclusive NWF Windsurfing Format

There are classes for all types of equipment irrespective of age and also peoples ability.

We have various classes for:

Pre 1985 equipment
Pre millennium equipment
Fancy Dress
Age related

We have 2 main fleets one for those who have competed on the National circuit which is called the National Fleet and the other fleet being the freeride fleet which the hosts mass majority of people who fall into that category.

In addition to all of the above individual class we also have a team event whereby 3 sailors from the same fleet e.g. National or Freeride fleet form a team.

The format is a very easy and straight forward one, its called a Master Blaster whereby everyone starts from the beach, by either upholding or beach start then sail to a buoy and sail back to the beach, this is basically what every windsurfers does overtime he goes windsurfing….

Each master blaster is sponsored by the windsurfing industry with loads of gizit prizes awarded after each race including a few spot prizes…..

WS Master Blaster NWF

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