The Club Scene at NWF

Do your club members fancy a road trip to this years National Watersports Festival (NWF) 5-7 Sept 2014 at Hayling Island?   We would like to encourage more teams and clubs to attend this year across all 4 disciplines, Kayak, Kitesurfing, SUP and Windsurfing…   As the festival is designed around the intermediate participate then this should appeal to your members…. It has a great atmosphere with likeminded enthusiasts  and whilst we encourage those to participate , many just take in the vibe wonder round the trade shows, camp on site, fire up the barbecue with  friends and dip their toe in the water when it suits and look at the awesome site of over 500 people across the whole 4 disciplines having a great time, with ages from 8 – 80…  We  also have taster sessions available  with their respective governing bodies in attendance. Plus the professionals and industries on hand to mentor, advise and coach…  In addition we have live  entertainment on both Fri & Sat night and these parties are legendary and  awesome on water night spectacle under flood lit.

This pic was taken last year and its the Brogborough Windsurfing Cub who are regular attenders and take their annual NWF pilgrimage seriously…. So why not rally up your fellow members and head on down its certainly an event worthy of your efforts…..  You will certainly be made to feel welcome….


Brogs on beach

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