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We had such positive remarks regarding the unusual,unique and beautiful wood trophies we used last year which were made and supplied by Wayne Willetts from  I was interested to know more about Wayne and asked him how he found himself in this line of work. As I had first met him many moons ago working within the depths of K-bay.

I came to Poole in my trusty vw camper for one days windsurfing, that was new years day 1995.  I never went back, various jobs, and a yearning to travel I built a camper and went to Marocco for a summer of windsurfing 2002.

Along my journey (from Marocco to Ireland) i did a few jobs as i had some tools onboard, and i even repaired the odd board too.  I eventually joined K-Bay windsurfing, and learned some new skills under legendary shaper Henio Firley.

One customer asked if his beloved surfboard could be repaired, unfortunately the core was snapped. He decided it was to get pride of place above his mantlepiece, I had an idea of laminating a mirror into it.  And that was the seed for

I was 9yrs into living in my large camper at this point and somehow ended up at a disused farmyard, and had a feeling this would be where I would shape my next step in life.

I dont just do surfshapes, I will attempt any shape or size, and I make the biggest and best driftwood mirrors, ever.

I even made something for the London Olympics.

“the best surf shapes, and the biggest driftwood mirrors in the world !!”

“place your order in advance, and collect at the NWF”

“free delivery (10m radius to event, or on my way home ! ) and fitting on extra large driftwood mirrors”

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