The new 2013 Tushingham, Rock,Concept and Dino will be exhibited at this years NWF

Rock – This year’s modifications aimed at getting the power on more quickly without sacrificing any control. The changes we have made have created a sail which is crisper, lighter and more direct which enables the rider to perform moves easier whilst still maintaining that locked in feel.

Concept – The brand new 4-batten Concept blends crisp freeride performance with effortless light handling in light to medium winds. The Concept’s power, super-easy handling and light weight make it the very best sail for progression and with respectable top-end stability, it will last well beyond the early stages of planing.

Dino – The latest Dino has been carefully designed to work a wide range of conditions so that each size will be responsive in light winds whilst maintaining maximum control in stronger winds. Luff and boom lengths along with overall weight have been kept to a minimum creating a feeling of freedom and confidence, combined with the specially developed Dino masts this results in very light weight easily handled rig for the young windsurfer.

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