“The pros can sail a door. It’s us REAL folk who need all the help we can get!!

“The pros can sail a door. It’s us REAL folk who need all the help we can get!!

So says Jon from Moo Custom.

Why Custom?

“The first thing that our customers notice, which makes a huge difference, is simply having the right size board! Not one that fits between the production board size slots. It would appear that the production boards are designed for the 78kg average male, so all the lady Moo customers have been extra happy, although a correctly sized board is just as beneficial for men.

Next, we settle on the style of board the customer wants. We have a detailed chat, so that we know how heavy they are, where they sail, what size sails they intend to use and where they are at with their sailing. For example, if the customer is more advanced than a “freewave” but doesn’t live on Maui, so they don’t want a full-on wave banana, but they still want to plane off the beach and jump the lumps on the inside, we can design a board that will complement and enhance their sailing.”

And have you ever found that you can’t get your footstraps to fit? “Our customers measure their feet and favourite stance width. We don’t need to offer masses of foot strap options as the board is built for you. Even having the correct fitting footstraps is worth it… not the situation that one insert is too tight and the next up too big. It just fits!”


Even a standard construction Moo Custom in will be lighter, stronger and stiffer than an equivalent production board.

But it’s expensive, isn’t it?

Prices start at a similar level to a standard production board. The big difference is that you will end up with a board of bespoke beauty; perfect of form and function; unique and hand crafted to suit you!

What Else does Moo Do?

Come and have a chat with us at the NWF and see what Moo can do for you. We will not only have a board or two to look at on our stand, but some top quality selected bargains from our Farm Shop, such as sails from Neil Pryde, masts, booms, bases and other accessories – along with Free Moo stickers!


Leading the Custom Renaissance since 2005 Moo Custom specialise in high quality, hand crafted, bespoke, custom windsurf boards. To complete the look, we also stock the finest quality windsurfing kit and accessories in our “Farm Shop“. Consider us ‘Free Range Organic” rather than Tesco Yellow Label!

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