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This weekend sees the return of the Glastonbury festival, for those lucky blighter’s who got tickets the entry fee alone cost £210 including booking fee, car parking costs £25, and with the cost to park up your campervan weighing in at a hefty £85, this not a cheap weekend.

Hayling or Glasto copy

Compare this to the 60 or 65 quid it will set you back to enter the best and only mass participation water sports event in the UK, and you’ll see that the with, clinics, great racing, trade show, demo equipment, night time ‘on water’ displays and races, two parties with live music and DJ’s, two nights parking and camping, and a great atmosphere, NWF is great value for money!

Party or Pants copy

This got me thinking about the value of the NWF Ticket and what else sixty notes will get you. So if you can’t make it to NWF or would just rather spend your money on something else check out my top tips for what to spend your £60 on.

Surf branded hooded jumper £59.99. It’ll keep you warm, but it won’t give you the internal glow you get from immersing yourself in the NWF atmosphere.

Surf trip to Cornwall from London, but only one way mind you! Let’s hope you’re an accomplished hitchhiker.

18 pints of larger at The cost of the average pint. Your ‘pint to tenner’ ratio will reduce the further south you travel, being lowest in that there London town.

The UK fixed penalty speeding fine is £60. So ease up on that accelerator pedal, save the racing for NWF.

Return train ticket from London to Nottingham. Does the Sherriff still live there?!

One night’s stay in a Premier Inn. Let’s hope you’re not planning on treating the better half to a romantic weekend away though, because that’s a single room only!

Family ticket to London zoo. £66.60.  Oh by the way, if you’ve got more than two kids then number three will be extra. Good day out, but no live music!

A view from the top of the Shard for two will cost you £59.90.  I’m sure it’s very nice up there but it’s not going to fill a weekend is it?

Flymo Speedi-Mo 32cm Electric Lawnmower £59.98. Available in B&Q if you’re interested. Keep your lawn looking pristine. Remember fresh cut grass always makes your windsurf sails look better while they’re drying out.

12 pairs of M&S’s finest Y fronts or for the ladies out there 12 pairs of frilly knickers.


So there you go! Food for thought. Do you want Pants or PARTY!!!!!!?

See you out on the water, and in the party tent…


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