Whats been your most memorable moments of the NWF

We recently asked our Facebook fans what their most memorable moments had been at the NWF, Below are some of the comments from that post,

Marcus Antony Collins I have many memorable moments , every year an awesome weekends windsurfing and other enjoyable water sports , the most memorable from my perspective would be 2010 , windsurfing in full desert combat uniform all weekend , raising awareness and much needed funds for The Force Charity Help for Heroes in preparation to windsurf around the Isle of Wight. Full Mess kit in the evening , awesome party , fantastic venue, great memories

David Libby – Partying with Dan Pyatt In the mosh pit, then watching him trash his Formula kit despite never sailing it. laughed for at least a week after that.. NWF nothing not to like…

Simon PettiferThe partys, they’re always great but very painful memories, also taking my wife out for her first time on a paddle board, she loved the whole event too, fun for all the family, looking forward to this years event Al.

Steve Barrow – For me the most memorable moments have been rubbing shoulders with the pro’s in particular Roberto Ricci (mr RRD himself) and watching tow in freestyle in the evening light with a few friends and a cold beer.

Jason Hill – I have so many memories from the last 7 years, but the one which stands out the most it watching the pro’s night windsurf the first year we put on the event in 30knot + winds under floodlights. It was amazing, plus it was the only time over the entire weekend Al gave me a break. He is a real beast master, but I keep coming back each year to help..

George Shillito – This event is EPIC….every one is memorable in its own right!! Winning the first ever NWF Extreme triathalon last year was a goodun as I could hardly stand come the end ended up lying flat in the back of the Tushingham demo van surrounded by empty coke cans and mars bars trying to get my sugars back up!! haha! The parties, commentary, racing, demos, clinics, social…it’s all there! Can’t wait!!!

Jem Hall – Most memorable is always for me seeing the massed starts as 300 people launch and the fun and the carnage that ensues .. then seeing the facny dress racers and thinking well that is just the norm and last year getting absolutely whipped in a light wind w’surf relay race, plus seeing Wouter Ardern and Dave White and their families in 80s neon day glo clothing at the big boozy night out on the saturday .. Great times always and i will see many of you there : )

Alastair Nichol – Most memorable moments for me have to be the parties with the Heathrow Jets rocking the house keep up the good work Allan Cross and the rest of the NWF crew

Dave Addie – For me it has to be winning the first race ever… but there are so many from being maxed out on a 9 (When everyone else was on 5’s) to winning the windless heat on my paddle board (But grumpy Harty disqualified me for using a paddle!!) and let’s not forget the best parties ever or the chilled evenings with some of the best people on the planet…. Then there is the vision of 4 simultaneous loops 20 yards from the beach from glow sticked Pro’s in the night event, chuckling with the rest of the guys who couldn’t make (Or find) the windward mark on a no-wind race…. I could go on and on, and on – So many good memories………..

Tim Frampton – So many good memories from competing in some races with 350 people back in my first event to watching so many happy faces, all sailing together and enjoying the weekends great events, clinics demos and legendary parties.
Having a beer and partying with some of the great characters and pros in the sport. Such a well run great event that keeps getting better year on year!

Ben Lee – The memorable moments could be an ongoing list for me! What sticks in my mind though is the night tow in and the energy levels that everyone has to get out on the water in what ever conditions, even after a heavy day night!

Surf Kraft – The first ever NWF (Fat Face Night Windsurf) event was super special. It came following a chat over a couple of beers with the copper top kernel at a no wind Hove UKWA Cup day, and Allan took the concept and really filled his boots.
Feeling partly responsible for helping send Allan Cross down this route by supporting the concept I was press ganged into a support crew role ….. Yeah nice easy job …. Event was quite windy (force 7-8 ish?) and the party was pretty tidy …. Only come crack of sparrows fart the Sunday morning did it dawn on me (literally) just how rough being on the crew would be …. Clearing the party tent after mental night while properly hanging !!
Yep …. It’s not all glory and pats on the back for the crew, they really earn it …. And I have to say that I was properly thankful that I was shore crew, as it was really hard earned credit for the boat crew
Don’t be shy if you see any crew at the bar, buy them a drink as they really have earned it

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